Collective Dynamics and Territories

9 Issues for Competitive, Innovative and Sustainable Territories

Volume 3 - Territorial Entrepreneurship and Innovation SET by Didier Chabaud, Florent Pratlong and Carlos Moreno

Collective Dynamics and Territories

Edited by

Anne Albert-Cromarias, ESC Clermont Business School and CleRMa, France.
Thérèse Albertini, University of Corsica, France.
Patrice Terramorsi, University of Corsica, France.

ISBN : 9781786309303

Publication Date : July 2024

Hardcover 232 pp

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Faced with global economic, social and environmental challenges requiring us to go beyond individual actions, the development of collective dynamics is the ideal response. From this perspective, territories, which have long been neglected, are now asserting themselves as breeding grounds for innovative and relevant forms of organized action in response to shared experiences.

Bringing together more than twenty researchers in strategic management, human resources management and marketing, Collective Dynamics and Territories offers, through nine territorial issues (innovating and regenerating territories, building environmental action, attracting and retaining talent, etc.), insights into the conditions and modalities for developing collective dynamics within territories.

The success of local collective dynamics depends on support for the actors involved, from situation analysis to problem definition, including idea generation, selection, implementation and evaluation. This book offers a comprehensive, systemic and operational vision for analyzing and acting on collective territorial dynamics.


1. Setting Up in a Rural Environment: A Sustainable Strategic Management Approach, Alexandre Asselineau.
2. Organizing a Network of Actors to Preserve and/or Enhance the Common Resource, Christophe Assens and François Coléno.
3. Building Collective Environmental Action Within Territories, Camille Fiore and Solange Hernandez.
4. Innovating and Regenerating Territories Through the Development of Ecosystems, Guillaume Detchenique, Magali Malherbe, and Thomas Loilier.
5. Reconciling Individual and Collective Territorial Dynamics, Colette Fourcade, Stéphanie Loup, and Christophe Leyronas.
6. Supporting Social Innovation Within Territories, Yamina Vierge and Nathalie Raulet-Croset.
7. Tackling Medical Deserts in Rural Territories, Corinne Rochette.
8. Identifying and Valorizing Human Resources Within Territories, Ingrid Mazzilli, Truong Giang Pham, and Isabelle Bories-Azeau.
9. Attracting and Retaining Talents in Organizations and Territories, Christophe Alaux and Ève Saint-Germes.

About the authors/editors

Anne Albert-Cromarias is Senior Lecturer of Strategic Management at ESC Clermont Business School and researcher at CleRMa, France.

Thérèse Albertini is Professor of Marketing at the University of Corsica, France.

Patrice Terramorsi is Senior Lecturer of Human Resources at the University of Corsica, France.