Complexities 2

Various Approaches in the Field of Social and Human Sciences

Volume 6 - Systems of Systems Complexity SET by Jean-Pierre Briffaut

Complexities 2

Edited by

Jean-Pierre Briffaut, Institut Mines-Télécom, France.

ISBN : 9781786308764

Publication Date : May 2024

Hardcover 284 pp

165.00 USD



Awareness of complexity in science and technology dates back to the 1970s. However, all social systems tend to develop structures that become more complex over time, be it within families, tribes, cities, states, or societal and economic organizations.

Complexities 2 covers a broad array of fields, from justice and linguistics to education and organizational management. The aim of this book is to show, without aiming to provide a comprehensive overview, the diversity of approaches and behaviors towards the obstacle of complexity in understanding and achieving human actions.

When we see complexity as the incompleteness of knowledge and the uncertainty of the future, we realize that simplifying is not an adequate approach to complexity, even in the humanities and social sciences. This book explores the relationship between order and disorder in this field of knowledge.


1. Perspectives on the Complexity of Criminal Investigations, Jérôme Barlatier.
2. Complexity and Models in Social and Human Sciences, Jean-Pierre Briffaut.
3. Detangling the Linguistic Quagmire of Bad Information, Philippe Capet.
4. Complexity in the Social Sciences: Is it a Transforming Perspective? Philip Haynes.
5. Complexity as Duality? A Connection in Question, Maryvonne Holzem and Jacques Labiche.
6. Organization, Models and Representations: From Complexity to Power, Yvon Pesqueux.
7. Epistemological Reflections on the Lifecycle of Crisis and Resilience in Organizations, Gilles Teneau.
8. The Complexity of the Educational Revolution: Framework and Case-Study, Raf Vanderstraeten and Frederik Van der Gucht.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Pierre Briffaut is a retired professor of Operations Management at the Institut Mines-Télécom, France. A member of the Institut Fredrik Bull, he is in charge of a working group on the complexity of systems of systems.

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