Heat Exchangers

Design and Sizing Algorithms

Volume 6 - Energy Engineering SET by Abdelhanine Neballou

Heat Exchangers

Abdelhanine Benallou, Consultant.

ISBN : 9781786302861

Publication Date : June 2024

Hardcover 362 pp

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The last few decades have seen huge developments in the use of concentrated solar power plants, communications technologies (mobile telephony and 5G networks), the nuclear sector with its small modular reactors and concentrated solar power stations. These developments have called for a new generation of heat exchangers.

As well as presenting conventional heat exchangers (shell-and-tube and plate heat exchangers), their design techniques and calculation algorithms, Heat Exchangers introduces new-generation compact heat exchangers, including printed circuit heat exchangers, plate-fin heat exchangers, spiral heat exchangers, cross-flow tube-fin heat exchangers, phase-change micro-exchangers, spray coolers, heat pipe heat exchangers and evaporation chambers.

This new generation of heat exchangers is currently undergoing a boom, with applications in on-board equipment in aircraft, locomotives, space shuttles and mobile phones, where the volume of the equipment is one of the most important design parameters.


1. Available Technologies.
2. Tubular Heat Exchanger Design.
3. Compact Heat Exchanger Design.
4. Heat Exchanger Selection, and Sizing Parameters.
5. Sizing Methods.
6. Sizing Algorithms for Heat Exchangers.

About the authors/editors

Abdelhanine Benallou is a former professor at the École Supérieure des Mines, Rabat. He has managed companies in the fields of renewable energy, rational use of energy, decentralized rural electrification and environmental protection.

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