Yuzhnoye Launchers and Satellites

Yuzhnoye Launchers and Satellites

Christian Lardier, IFHE.

ISBN : 9781786301772

Publication Date : May 2024

Hardcover 482 pp

165.00 USD



The OKB-586/Yuzhnoye design office, located in Dnipro, Ukraine, has developed a large number of military rockets, space launchers and satellites, including the Cosmos and Intercosmos series. Thousands of Yuzhnoye rockets and satellites have been mass-produced by Factory No. 586/YuzhMach. This company celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2021, and was run from 1954 to 1971 by Mikhail Yangel, one of the three great Soviet creators of cosmic rocket technology, alongside Sergei Korolev and Vladimir Chelomey.

Yuzhnoye Launchers and Satellites covers 40 years of programs carried out during the Soviet period, which was marked by the Nuclear Arms Race and the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union, and 30 years of the Ukrainian period, characterized by cooperation with the West and opening up commercialization. The book incorporates the latest information from declassified archives.


1. Mikhail Yangel: The Father of Yuzhnoye.
2. Subcontractors.
3. R-12: The First Missile with a Range of 2,000 km.
4. R-14: The First Missile with a Range of 4,000 km.
5. R-15, R-16, R-22, R-24, R-26 and R-36: Missiles and Launchers.
6. R-37, R-38, R-46, R-56 and Block-E: Missiles and Lunar Module.
7. R-36M, MR-UR-100, R-36M2 and Dnipro: Missiles and Kosmotras.
8. Zenit-2, Sea Launch and Land Launch.
9. Solid Propellants.
10. The Ukrainian Space Program Since 1991.

About the authors/editors

Christian Lardier, journalist and space historian, was head of the Space section of Air & Cosmos in France for 18 years. He was president of the IFHE between 2007 and 2019, and is an academician of the IAA, an emeritus member of the AAAF and an honorary member of the RAKTs Academy of Cosmonautics.

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