Organizational Creative Capabilities

Management Factors, Processes and Devices

Volume 1 - Organizational Creativity SET by Guy Parmentier

Organizational Creative Capabilities

Edited by

Guy Parmentier, University of Grenoble Alpes, France.

ISBN : 9781786308122

Publication Date : May 2024

Hardcover 250 pp

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Creativity, whether individual or collective, is often approached without taking into account organizational processes, routines and management systems. However, in today’s constantly changing world, developing creativity at all levels of an organization is the key to developing a continuous flow of innovation and solving complex problems in order to achieve set goals.

Organizational Creative Capabilities presents a comprehensive approach to creativity, with a view towards building a genuine organizational capability with the potential to deliver strategic advantages. The book provides an understanding of organizational creative capabilities through methods of openness, slack, socialization, agility, equipment and idea management. It provides keys and examples for developing recurrent, value-creating creativity, and also addresses the question of measuring the performance of creative capabilities.


1. The Foundations of Organizational Creative Capabilities, Guy Parmentier.
2. Building Openness to Develop Organizational Creative Capability, Émilie Ruiz and Guy Parmentier.
3. Methods, Tools and Spaces for Revealing Employee Creativity, Romain Rampa and Guy Parmentier.
4. Creative Slack Enabling Ideas to Emerge, to be Stored and Transform, Romain Rampa and Guy Parmentier.
5. Agile Methods and Organizational Creativity, Florence Jeannot, Maxime Mellard and Guy Parmentier.
6. Idea Management and Idea Socialization in Organizations, Guy Parmentier, Séverine Le Loarne-Lemaire and Romain Rampa.
7. Measuring Organizational Creative Capabilities, Zeinab Sheet, Florence Jeannot and Guy Parmentier.
8. The Creative Performance of Organizations, Bérangère L. Szostak.

About the authors/editors

Guy Parmentier is a professor at Université Grenoble Alpes, France. His research and teaching focus on creativity management and business model management in the digital age. He is also head of the ICO research team for Innovation and Organizational Complexity at CERAG, France.