Philosophies of Technologies

Theory as Practice

Volume 11 - Innovation and Responsability SET by Bernard Reber and Robert Gianni

Philosophies of Technologies

Edited by

Valérie Charolles, LACI (Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Critical Anthropology), France.
Élise Lamy-Rested, Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia.

ISBN : 9781786308702

Publication Date : May 2024

Hardcover 226 pp

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In the space of a century, technologies have acquired unprecedented power. The result of these developments is a new form of the world. These transformations test our capacities and generate new crises with multiple issues at stake.

Drawing on the lessons of a long history, Philosophies of Technologies examines the continuities and disruptions brought about by the power of contemporary technical systems, without reducing them to the digital age. It draws together 13 authors from different schools of thought and proposes tools that combine productive technology with sustainability, innovation and responsibility.

This book wagers that, in the face of the sprawling and ever-changing deployment of technologies, philosophy is able to respond to the changes that offer so many opportunities to shape our future. Today, technologies need a philosophical moment.


Part 1. Continuities and Disruptions in the Practices of Philosophies of Technologies.
1. The Question of Technology and Ecological Constraints, Pierre Caye.
2. From Power to Care: For an Object-Oriented Philosophy of Technology, Xavier Guchet.
3. Thinking in the Anthropocene Era with Henri Bergson, Élise Lamy-Rested.

Part 2. Epistemological Challenges of Modern Technologies.
4. The Code Paradigm: Trace Amnesia and Arbitrary Interpretation, Bruno Bachimont.
5. “Motion” Machines and “Token” Machines: Milestones in the History of the Alphabet, Jean Lassègue.
6. “Digital Technology”, Revealing Intersections between Epistemology, Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Technology, Éric Guichard.

Part 3. The Subject in the Era of Digital Metamorphosis.
7. Taking Care of Digital Technologies with Bernard Stiegler, Vincent Puig.
8. Predictive Machines and Overcoming Metaphysics, Anna Longo.
9. Artificial Intelligence’s New Clothes, Tyler Reigeluth.

Part 4. Politics and Technology.
10. Controlling Digital Technologies: Between Democratic Issues and Social Demand, Pierre-Antoine Chardel.
11. Responsibilities System: Ethics of Civic Technology, Bernard Reber.
12. From the Infinite Universe to the Reflexive System: Uses of Technology, States of Emergency and Decidability, Valérie Charolles.

About the authors/editors

Valérie Charolles is a researcher at the Laboratoire d’anthropologie politique (CNRS and EHESS), where she directs the LACI (Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Critical Anthropology), France. Her research focuses on the place of economics, quantification and technology in the contemporary world.

Élise Lamy-Rested is a SASPRO2 Marie Sklodowska-Curie researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia. She is also a former program director at the Collège international de philosophie.

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