Data Analysis and Related Applications 3

Theory and Practice – New Approaches

Volume 11 - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis SET by Jacques Janssen

Data Analysis and Related Applications 3

Edited by

Yiannis Dimotikalis, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece.
Christos H. Skiadas, Technical University of Crete, Greece.

ISBN : 9781786309624

Publication Date : May 2024

Hardcover 296 pp

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The book is a collective work by a number of leading scientists, analysts, engineers, mathematicians and statisticians who have been working at the forefront of data analysis and related applications, arising from data science, operations research, engineering, machine learning or statistics. The chapters of this collaborative work represent a cross-section of current research interests in the above scientific areas. The collected material has been divided into appropriate sections to provide the reader with both theoretical and applied information on data analysis methods, models and techniques, along with appropriate applications.

The published data analysis methodology includes the updated state-of-the-art rapidly developed theory and applications of data expansion, both of which go through outstanding changes nowadays. New approaches are expected to deliver and have been developed, including Artificial Intelligence.


Part 1. Data Analysis Classification.
1. Walking into the Digital Era: Comparison of the European
Union Countries in the Last Decade, Fernanda Otilia Figueiredo and Adelaide Figueiredo.
2. Multivariate Kernel Discrimination Applied to Bank Loan Classification, Mark Anthony Caruana and Gabriele Lentini.
3. Introducing an Ontology of Adolescents' Digital Leisure, George Filandrianos, Aggeliki Kazani, Dimitrios Parsanoglou, Maria Symeonaki and Giorgos Stamou.
4. Blackjack and the Kelly Bet: A Simulation Assessment of Selected Playing Strategies, Jim Freeman and Haoyu Miao.

Part 2. Estimators.
5. An Evaluation of the Efficiency of a Shape Parameter Estimator for the Log-logistic Distribution, Frederico Caeiro and Ayana Mateus.
6. Restricted Minimum Density Power Divergence Estimator for Step-stress ALT with Nondestructive One-shot Devices, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, María Jaenada and Leandro Pardo.

Part 3. Finance.
7. Properties of American Options Under a Semi-Markov Modulated Black-Scholes Model, Kouki Takada, Marko Dimitrov, Lu Jin and Ying Ni.
8. Numerical Studies of Implied Volatility Expansions Under the Gatheral Model, Mohammed Albuhayri, Marko Dimitrov, Ying Ni and Anatoliy Malyarenko.
9. Constructing Trinominal Models Based on Cubature Method on Wiener Space: Applications to Pricing Financial Derivatives, Hossein Nohrouzian, Anatoliy Malyarenko and Ying Ni.
10. A Bayesian Approach to Measuring Risk on Portfolios with Many Assets, Samuel Bonello, David Suda and Monique Borg Inguanez.
11. Financial Management ?f Four Hellenic Public Health Units. Analysis and Evaluation through Numerical Indicators, Maria Sachinidou and George Matalliotakis.

Part 4. Health Services.
12. Lean Management as an Improvement Factor in Health Services. The Case of Venizeleio General Hospital of Crete, Greece, Eleni Genitsaridi and George Matalliotakis.
13. Satisfaction of Employees in Primary and Secondary Healthcare Structures During the Pandemic Period in the Prefecture of Magnesia, Sofia Trikallioti and George Matalliotakis.
14. A Parametric Analysis of OpenFlow and P4 Protocols Based on Software Defined Networks, Lincoln S. Peter, Hlabishi I. Kobo and Viranjay M. Srivastava.
15. A Dynamic Neural Network Model for Accurate Recognition of Masked Faces, Oladapo T. Ibitoye and Viranjay M. Srivastava.
16. An Action-based Monitoring Tool for Processes Subject to Multiple Quality Shifts, Konstantina Tsiota and Konstantinos A. Tasias.
17. Phi Divergence and Consistent Estimation for Stochastic Block Model, Cyprien Ferraris.

About the authors/editors

Yiannis Dimotikalis is Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Department of Management Science and Technology at Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece.

Christos H. Skiadas was the Founder and Director of Data Analysis and Forecasting and Former Vice-Rector at the Technical University of Crete, Greece. He is the Chair of the Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis conference series.