Artificial Intelligence in Health

Volume 7 - Technological Prospects and Social Applications SET by Bruno Salgues

Artificial Intelligence in Health

Edited by

Marianne Sarazin, École nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne, France.

ISBN : 9781786308894

Publication Date : March 2024

Hardcover 226 pp

165.00 USD



Undeniable, inescapable, exhilarating and breaking free from the exclusive domain of science, artificial intelligence has become our main preoccupation.

A major generator of new mathematical thinking, AI is the result of easy access to information and data, as facilitated by computer technology. Big Data has come to be seen as an unlimited source of knowledge, the use of which is still being fully explored, but its industrialization has swiftly followed in the footsteps of mathematicians; today’s tools are increasingly designed to replace human beings, which comes with social and philosophical consequences.

Drawing on examples of scientific work and the insights of experts, this book offers food for thought on the consequences and future of AI technology in education, health, the workplace and aging.


Part 1. Growing with Artificial Intelligence.
1. From Human to Artificial Intelligence, Bruno Salgues.
2. The Philosopher’s Point of View: The Challenges of AI for Our Humanity, François-Xavier Clément.

Part 2. Working with Artificial Intelligence.
3. For Strategic and Responsible “Piloting” of AI-related Open Innovation Projects, Aline Courie-Lemeur.
4. Management and AI: Myths and Realities, Gilles Rouet.

Part 3. Managing Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence.
5. How to Bring the Medical World Out of the Pre-digital Age? Marc Soler.
6. Data Quality: A Major Challenge for AI in Healthcare, Marysa Germain.

Part 4. Aging with Artificial Intelligence.
7. Proposed Method for Developing an Aging Score, Marianne Sarazin.
8. Automatic Detection of Behavioral Changes in a Smart Home, Cyriak Azefac.

About the authors/editors

Marianne Sarazin is a public health doctor with a doctorate in Life Sciences from the Engineering and Health Center (CIS) of the École nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne, France. She is the Head of the Medical Information department of the Mutualiste Sanitary Group of Saint-Étienne (Aesio group) and a CIS collaborator in the Optimization of Healthcare Systems department as well as UMRS 1136 Inserm, specializing in the modeling of epidemics.

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