Geographical Data Imperfection 2

Use Cases

Geographical Data Imperfection 2

Edited by

François Pinet, French National Research Institute for Agriculture, France.
Mireille Batton-Hubert, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint- Étienne, France.
Eric Desjardin, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France.

ISBN : 9781786302984

Publication Date : March 2024

Hardcover 218 pp

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Geographical data often contains imperfections associated with insufficient precision, errors or incompleteness. If these imperfections are not identified, taken into account and controlled when using the data, the potential for errors may arise, leading to significant consequences with unforeseeable effects, particularly in a decision-making context. It is then necessary to characterize and model this imperfection, and take it into account throughout the process.

In the previous volume, we introduced different approaches for defining, representing and processing imperfections in geographic data. Volume 2 will now present a number of concrete applications in a variety of fields, demonstrating the practical application of the methodology to use cases such as agriculture, natural disaster management, mountain hazards, land management and assistance for the visually impaired.


1. Implementation and Computation of Fuzzy Geographic Objects in Agriculture, Mireille Batton-Hubert, François Pinet and André Miralles.
2. Representation and Analysis of the Evolution of Agricultural Territories by a Spatio-temporal Graph, Aurélie Leborgne, Ezriel Steinberg, Florence Le Ber and Stella Marc-Zwecker.
3. Agricultural Areas in the Face of Public Environmental Policies: Spatiotemporal Analyses Using Sensitive Data, Jean-Michel Follin, Nathalie Thommeret and Marie Fournier.
4. The Representation of Uncertainty Applied to Natural Risk Management, Jean-François Girres.
5. Incorporating Uncertainty Into Victim Location Processes in the Mountains: A Methodological, Software and Cognitive Approach, Matthieu Viry, Mattia Bunel, Marlène Villanova, Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond, Cécile Duchêne and Paule-Annick Davoine.
6. Uncertainties Related to Real Estate Price Estimation Scales, Didier Josselin, Delphine Blanke, Mathieu Coulon, Guilhem Boulay, Laure Casanova Enault, Antoine Peris, Pierre Le Brun and Thibault Lecourt.
7. Representing Urban Space for the Visually Impaired, Lisa Denis, Jérémy Kalsron and Jean-Marie Favreau.

About the authors/editors

François Pinet is a researcher at the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

Mireille Batton-Hubert is a professor at the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint- Étienne, France.

Eric Desjardin is a lecturer at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne within the STIC Research Center (CReSTIC), France.