Finite Element Method to Model Electromagnetic Systems in Low Frequency

Finite Element Method to Model Electromagnetic Systems in Low Frequency

Francis Piriou, L2EP and University of Lille, France.
Stéphane Clénet, ENSAM and L2EP, France.

ISBN : 9781786308115

Publication Date : March 2024

Hardcover 318 pp

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Numerical modeling now plays a central role in the design and study of electromagnetic systems. In the field of devices operating in low frequency, it is the finite element method that has come to the fore in recent decades. Today, it is widely used by engineers and researchers in industry, as well as in research centers.

This book describes in detail all the steps required to discretize Maxwell’s equations using the finite element method. This involves progressing from the basic equations in the continuous domain to equations in the discrete domain that are solved by a computer. This approach is carried out with a constant focus on maintaining a link between physics, i.e. the properties of electromagnetic fields, and numerical analysis. Numerous academic examples, which are used throughout the various stages of model construction, help to clarify the developments.


1. Equations of Electromagnetism.
2. Function Spaces.
3. Maxwell’s Equations: Potential Formulations.
4. Formulations in the Discrete Domain.

About the authors/editors

Francis Piriou is former Director of the research group L2EP and Professor Emeritus at the University of Lille, France. His research focuses on computational electromagnetics.

Stéphane Clénet is Professor at ENSAM and researcher at the group L2EP in the field of computational electromagnetics in France.