Lead in Glassy Materials in Cultural Heritage

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Lead in Glassy Materials in Cultural Heritage

Edited by

Anne Bouquillon, C2RMF, France.
Patrice Lehuédé, Saint-Gobain Recherche, France.

ISBN : 9781789450767

Publication Date : January 2024

Hardcover 368 pp

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Although the development of lead crystal was a major step in the history of glass in the late 17th century, the presence of lead in vitreous matrices (glass and glazes) is much older, dating back to the second millennium BCE.

Lead in Glassy Materials in Cultural Heritage traces the history of these skills and also looks at the most recent developments in materials science concerning the role played by lead in the properties of glass, including coloring. It develops an understanding of weathering processes and notions of the durability of leaded glass. It also examines public health issues and current recommended standards for the use of lead in industrial glass.

This multidisciplinary book is intended for a wide audience: art and technical historians, museum curators, restorers, materials specialists, manufacturers and engineers.


Part 1. Overview and Specific Techniques for the Analysis of Lead Glasses and Glaze.
1. Overview, Patrice Lehuédé.
2. Lead Isotopes for the Study of Ancient Glass, Alicia Van Ham-Meert and Patrick Degryse.

Part 2. Structure of Lead Glasses: Influence on their Properties, Including Color.
3. Structure and Properties of Lead Silicate Glasses, Daniel Caurant, Gilles Wallez, Odile Majérus, Gauthier Roisine and Thibault Charpentier.
4. Optical Properties and Coloration of Lead Silicate Glasses, Odile Majérus, Adèle Munoz-Bongrand and Daniel Caurant.

Part 3. History and Evolution of Lead Glasses.
5. Lead in the Recipes of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Marco Varetà and Isabelle Biron.
6. The First Lead Glasses, Bernard Gratuze.
7. Lead in Glasses: Recent Times, Patrice Lehuédé.
8. Early Islamic Lead Glass, Nadine Schibille.
9. Lead in the Enamels of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Isabelle Biron and Marco Verità.

Part 4. History, Implementation and Evolution of Lead Glazes.
10. History of Lead in Ancient Ceramic Materials, Anne Bouquillon.
11. Paste–Glaze Interaction, Laurent Cormier and Marie Godet.
12. Weathering of Ancient Lead Glazes, Anne Bouquillon.

Part 5. Weathering of Lead Glasses and Standards.
13. Lead Leaching in Industrial Crystal Glasses: Role of Chemical Composition, Structure and Surface Treatments, Frédéric Angeli, Léa Brunswic, Thibault Charpentier and Stéphane Gin.
14. Lead in Glass: Standards and Regulations, Denis Lalart and Xavier Capilla.

About the authors/editors

Anne Bouquillon is a research engineer in charge of studies on ceramics and plaster at C2RMF, France. She is editor-in-chief of the journal Techné.

Patrice Lehuédé is former head of the Microanalysis Department at Saint-Gobain Recherche, France. He was a research associate at C2RMF from 2007 to 2020.