Space Law

Legal Framework for Space Activities

SCIENCES - Space and Humankind

Space Law

Edited by

Thomas Leclerc, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France.

ISBN : 9781789451528

Publication Date : January 2024

Hardcover 384 pp

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Outer space is subject to a legal framework; there is a set of rules specifically dedicated to outer space and to the activities carried out there. These rules have developed since 1957, the year the first artificial satellite was launched. Major changes have also affected the technology used and the actors involved, as well as the domains concerned by the exploration and use of outer space.

Space Law will lay out the progressive densification of the legal framework that is applicable to outer space and the activities that are carried out there. Without claiming to be exhaustive, the aim of this book is to present the main primary sources of space law, its main principles, the diversity of its fields of application and the challenges and issues that the development of space activities inevitably raises.


Part 1. The Main Sources of Space Law.
1. History, the Treaties, the Resolutions, Sergio Marchisio.
2. National Space Law, Frans Von Der Dunk.

Part 2. The Main Principles of Space Law.
3. Freedom of Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Jenni Tapio.
4. The Principle of Exploration and Utilization of Outer Space for the Benefit of All Countries, Olavo de O. Bittencourt Neto and Daniel Freire e Almeida.
5. Non-Appropriation of Outer Space, Philip De Man.
6. Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Setsuko Aoki.
7. State Responsibility and Liability for Space Activities, Armel Kerrest.

Part 3. Diversity of Fields of Application for Space Law.
8. Space Traffic Management, Ntorina Antoni, Christina Giannopapa, and Kai-Uwe Schrogl.
9. ITU Regulatory Regime Related to Non-GSO Satellite Systems, Yvon Henri and Attila Matas.
10. Satellite Radio Communications, Philippe Achilleas.
11. Navigation Satellite Systems, Magda Cocco and Helena Correia Mendonça.
12. The Legal Framework of Remote Sensing by Satellites: The Challenge of the New Space, Thierry Lemaire.
13. Small Satellites and the Regulation of Outer Space Activities, Steven Freeland.
14. Exploitation of Material Resources of Celestial Bodies, Philip De Man.

Part 4. Challenges and Issues Raised by the Development of Space Activities.
15. Legal Issues Related to the Exploration of the Universe, Laetitia Cesari Zarkan.
16. The COSPAR Planetary Protection Policy and International Law, Leslie I. Tennen.
17. Military Activities in Outer Space: Legal Aspects, Georges D. Kyriakopoulos.
18. Outer Space in the Face of Contemporary Conflicts: Limits and Impasses of International Law, Julien Ancelin and Chloé Duffot.

About the authors/editors

Thomas Leclerc is Associate Professor at Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France. He holds a PhD from the Université de Bordeaux, France, and the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands. His research focuses on legal aspects related to spaces beyond national jurisdictions.