Metallic Resources 2

Geodynamic Framework and Remarkable Examples in the World

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Metallic Resources 2

Edited by

Sophie Decrée, Geological Survey of Belgium (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences), Belgium.

ISBN : 9781789491364

Publication Date : January 2024

Hardcover 364 pp

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Metallic resources play a huge role in many fields: in the energy transition, the development of new technologies and the production and storage of green energy.

Metallic Resources 2 presents various studies in notable metallogenic regions or deposits worldwide that enable us to tackle the question of the concentration of metals, especially strategic metals, in various geodynamic settings. An understanding of the geological processes that lead to the formation of deposits and influence their concentrations in the Earth’s crust is of the utmost importance when it comes to uncovering new mineral resources.

This book puts forward various different methodological approaches necessary in the study of deposits of metallic resources, from field observations to microanalysis. A study of specific geo-politico-economic frameworks is also presented.


1. Lithium Mineralization, Contributions of Paleoclimates and Orogens, Éric Gloaguen, Jérémie Melleton, Blandine Gourcerol, and Romain Millot.
2. Metallogeny of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada, Patrick Mercier-Langevin, Benoît Dubé, Michel G. Houle, Valérie Becu, Anne-Aurélie Sappin, Jean-Luc Pilote, and Sébastien Castonguay.
3. The Unconformity-related Uranium Mineral System of the Athabasca Basin (Canada), Patrick Ledru, Antonio Benedicto, Guoxiang Chi, Charles Khairallah, Julien Mercadier, Jonathan Poh, and John Robbins.
4. North African Mississippi Valley-Type Deposit and Its Link with the Alpine Chain Evolution, Mohammed Bouabdellah.
5. West African Leo-Man Shield Metallogenic Province, Aurélien Eglinger, Anne-Sylvie André-Mayer, Nicolas Thébaud, and Quentin Masurel.

About the authors/editors

Sophie Decrée is a geologist at the Geological Survey of Belgium (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences). As a specialist in metallogeny, her research has for many years focused on critical raw materials, primarily in Europe and Africa.

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