Advances in Thermodynamics and Circular Thermoeconomics

Fundamentals and Criteria

SCIENCES - Physics of Energy and Energy Efficiency

Advances in Thermodynamics and Circular Thermoeconomics

Edited by

Michel Feidt, University Henri Poincaré, France.
Antonio Valero-Capilla, University of Zaragoza, Spain.

ISBN : 9781789451269

Publication Date : January 2024

Hardcover 266 pp

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This book on energy physics and energy efficiency discusses two essential components of energy physics: the fundamentals and the criteria.

It covers the historical basis of Carnot models, the thermostatic cycles of double-function heat pumps and the optimization of thermomechanical engines, and discusses the results of various investigations, bringing together a number of previous works.

The latter half of this book introduces the concept of “Circular Thermoeconomics” and assesses the physical costs of recycling waste in increasingly complex industrial processes. It then goes on to present “Relative Free Energy”, allowing us to create a new mathematical theory of thermodynamic costs in order to diagnose malfunctions in thermal systems.

The book shows the progression of knowledge on the existence of successive energy, power and efficiency, and pairs this with the economic aspects, which are already becoming linked to growing environmental concerns.


1. From Equilibrium Thermodynamics to Irreversible Thermodynamics, Michel Feidt.
2. Two-Heat-Source Thermodynamic Cycles: Representation as a Ternary Diagram, Julien Ramousse.
3. Thermodynamics with Finite Speed, Stoian Petrescu and Monica Costea.
4. Finite Physical Dimensions Thermodynamics, Michel Feidt.
5. Circular Thermoeconomics: A Waste Cost Accounting Theory, Antonio Valero-Capilla and César Torres.
6. The Relative Free Energy Function: A New Approach to Thermoeconomic Diagnosis, Antonio Valero-Capilla and César Torres.

About the authors/editors

Michel Feidt is Professor at the University Henri Poincaré, France. His research interests focus on ultra-high vacuum physics and optimization of heat exchangers in energy systems and processes.

Antonio Valero-Capilla is Emeritus Professor at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, Chair in Thermal Systems and a Full Member of the Club of Rome. His research interests are focused on thermoeconomics and exergoecology.

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