The Rock-Eval Method

Principles and Application

SCIENCES - The Surface of the Lithosphere and the Biosphere

The Rock-Eval Method

Edited by

François Baudin, Sorbonne University, France.

ISBN : 9781789451535

Publication Date : December 2023

Hardcover 322 pp

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This book presents the Rock-Eval® method, which was invented in France in the 1970s and is used by the oil industry worldwide to characterize source rocks and reservoir rocks as well as their petroleum potential. Rock Eval® has also spread to other fields of application, including soil science, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, environmental science (i.e. monitoring pollution remediation), material chemistry (i.e. carbonates, microplastics) and many others.

The Rock-Eval Method presents a collection of chapters reviewing this method and its fields of application, and examines its possible developments. The authors are from either the academic or applied sector and have all contributed to the development of the Rock Eval® apparatus and method. This instrument, which lies somewhere between a chromatographic, a thermal and an elemental analyzer, is now evolving to be an analytical platform, on which new fields of applications can be tested in the future.


1. Historical Perspectives, Violaine Lamoureux-Var, Nicolas Bouton, and François Baudin.
2. Principles and Methods, Violaine Lamoureux-Var, Nicolas Bouton, Jean Espitalié, and Yves Benoit.
3. Parameters and Illustration of Results, Lauric Cécillon, Pierre Barré, Yves Benoit, Yoann Copard, and Maria-Fernanda Romero-Sarmiento.
4. Guidance on Sampling, Effects of Mineral Matrix and Other Artifacts on Thermograms,
François Baudin, Yves Benoit, and Nicolas Bouton.
5. Comparison with Other Methods, Nicolas Bouton and Jérémie Ammouial.
6. Characterization of Petroleum Source Rocks, Maria-Fernanda Romero-Sarmiento.
7. Determining the Parameters of Thermal Cracking of Fossil Organic Matter, Françoise Behar.
8. Characterization of Sulfur Compounds, Jean Espitalié, Violaine Lamoureux-Var, and Nicolas Bouton.
9. Study of Organic Matter in Recent Sediments, Yoann Copard and François Baudin.
10. Characterization and Evaluation of the Stability of Soil Organic Matter, Pierre Barré, Lauric Cécillon, and Eva Kanari.
11. Study of Natural and Anthropogenic Events, Yoann Copard and François Baudin.
12. Detection and Monitoring of Oil Pollution in the Environment, Yves Benoit.
13. Analysis of Carbonates, François Baudin, Nicolas Bouton, and Adrien Wattripont.
14. What’s Next for Rock-Eval®? François Baudin, Nicolas Bouton.

About the authors/editors

François Baudin is Professor of sedimentology and petroleum geology at Sorbonne Université, France. His research focuses on the processes controlling the preservation and distribution of organic matter in sedimentary rocks, recent sediments and soils.

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