Nuclear Materials under Irradiation

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Nuclear Materials under Irradiation

Edited by

Serge Bouffard, CEA, France.
Nathalie Moncoffre, CNRS, France.

ISBN : 9781789451481

Publication Date : December 2023

Hardcover 310 pp

165.00 USD



At every stage of the fuel cycle, the materials used are at the heart of nuclear energy safety issues. These materials, which range from steel to polymers, including ceramics, glass, concrete and graphite, are submitted to extreme stresses combining mechanical, thermal and irradiation constraints.

The objective of this book is to provide a basis for the research of nuclear materials subjected to irradiation, with the desire to contextualize them in the industrial environment. Therefore, most of the chapters are co-authored and contain a mix of basic and applied research. The reader will find chapters on nuclear reactor materials (structural materials, neutron absorbers, moderators and nuclear fuel) and on materials in waste management (glass, concrete and organic materials). These material chapters are complemented by more general information on defects and their creation, radiolysis and irradiation and characterization tools.


1. Irradiation Defects, Serge Bouffard and David Siméone.
2. Metal Alloys, Philippe Pareige and Christophe Domain.
3. Ceramics within PWRs, Christine Delafoy, Frederico Garrido, and Yves Pipon.
4. Nuclear Graphite, Nicolas Bérerd and Laurent Petit.
5. Nuclear Glasses, Magaly Tribet.
6. Radiolysis of Porous Materials and Radiolysis at Interfaces, Sophie Le Caër and Jean-Philippe Renault.
7. Concrete and Cement Materials under Irradiation, Pascal Bouniol.
8. Organic Materials, Emmanuel Balanzat and Muriel Ferry.
9. Irradiation Tools, Serge Bouffard and Nathalie Moncoffre.
10. Characterization of Irradiation Damage, Aurélie Gentils, Stéphanie Jublot-Leclerc, and Patrick Simon.

About the authors/editors

Serge Bouffard is a retired Research Director for the CEA and has devoted his career to the study of the interaction of particles with materials and the mechanisms of defect creation. He is the man behind EMIR: the French national network of accelerators for the study of materials under irradiation.

Nathalie Moncoffre is a Research Director at the CNRS, specializing in the aging of nuclear materials. In particular, she has studied the behavior of fuel, metallic alloys, absorbers and graphite under irradiation. She is the manager at the EMIR&A: the French national network of accelerators for irradiation and analysis of molecules and materials.

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