Agri-Innovations and Development Challenges

Engineering, Value Chains and Socio-economic Models

Volume 8 - Innovation in Engineering and Technology SET by Dimitri Uzunidis

Agri-Innovations and Development Challenges

Edited by

Vanessa Casadella, University of Picardie Jules Verne, IUT de l’Oise, France.
Dimitri Uzunidis, University of Littoral, France.

ISBN : 9781786309150

Publication Date : October 2023

Hardcover 302 pp

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Innovation is a major challenge for economic development and social progress. Faced with the ecological and food problems that the world is currently experiencing, the legitimacy of innovation takes on its full meaning, particularly in developing countries. As emphasized by international organizations (UN, FAO), building skills and abilities in the agricultural and food sectors are necessary when launching innovation processes for the benefit of suffering populations.

This book deals with different experiences launched in many developing countries in these sectors and shows how local initiatives can provide answers to the pessimism of experts and the media. Multidisciplinary analysis and practices explain how collective work creates value chains that can foster local and national economic development. The authors revisit the innovation agri-food models that contribute to economic development.

Agri-Innovations and Development Challenges is composed of general presentations of innovations applied in developing countries, as well as specific studies on the joint valorization of knowledge and experience in agri-food engineering.


1. Big Changes in Global Food Security and the Issue of Development: Challenges and Hopes, Jean-Luc Hornick.
2. Agri-environmental Frugal Innovation and Sustainable Development, Paul Bouvier-Patron.
3. The National Innovation System as Applied to Agriculture: A Methodological Proposal for Diagnosis in Africa, Eveline M.F.W. Sawadogo/Compaoré and Natewindé Sawadogo.
4. Adoption of Rice Technological Innovations for Technical Efficiency in Senegal, Babacar Ndiaye and Albertine Bayompe Kabou.
5. Characterization of the Sectoral Cocoa Innovation System in Cameroon, Syndhia Mathé, Eric Joël Fofiri Nzossié and Ludovic Temple.
6. Valorization of the Date Industry in Tunisia by Combining “Modern” and “Traditional” Knowledge and Techniques: Difficulties, Successes and Prospects, Yasmine Boughzala and Néfissa Ben Mahmoud.
7. Technology, Innovation and Sustainability of the Soybean Chain: Study of the Cameroonian Cotton Front Facing Environmental Challenges, Eric Joël Fofiri Nzossié, Darryl Neil Nitcheu Wakponou and Christophe Bring.
8. Impact of Good Agricultural Practices on Cashew Nut Crop Yields in Senegal, Blaise Waly Basse, Souleymane Mbaye and Omar Diop.
9. Bioeconomy and Sustainable Conservation of Plants and Forests in Madagascar, Hery Lisy Tiana Ranarijaona, Tiantsoa Andrianasetra, Liva Jackson Raharinaivo, Vololoniaina Ramahatafandry, Michaël Befinoana, Auguste Botovao Ramiandrisoa, Cyrille Maharombaka, Sylvana Tomboanova, Chéri Christian Totondrabesa, Fenozo Andriamanantena, Simon Georges Andrianasetra, Ainazo Andriamanantena and Antoine Zafera Rabesa.
10. Bricolage in Agriculture Sector: Emergence Dynamic and Consequences in Vietnam, Son Thi Kim Le, To The Nguyen and Phuong Anh Thi Nguyen.
11. The Contribution of Food Hubs in the Digital
Age to the Sustainable Agri-food Transition: A Review of Research in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gérard de la Paix Bayiha.
12. Total Processing of Soy Glycine max through Valorization of the Tofu Whey into Cosmetic Products, Dinah Andrianjafy, Helga Rim Farasoa and Felamboahangy Rasoarahona.

About the authors/editors

Vanessa Casadella is a Professor of Development and Innovation Economics at the University of Picardie Jules Verne, IUT de l’Oise, France, as well as the Co-Director of a research unit, Vice-President of the Research Network on Innovation and editor of the journal Science, Technology, Development (ISTE OpenScience).

Dimitri Uzunidis is a Professor of Political Economy and Innovation Studies and the Honorary President of the Research Network on Innovation. He coordinates the Smart Innovation and Innovation in Engineering and Technology Sets for ISTE, as well as the Technology and Innovation, and Science, Technology, Development journals (ISTE OpenScience).