Defects in Organic Semiconductors and Devices

Defects in Organic Semiconductors and Devices

Thien-Phap Nguyen, Nantes University, France

ISBN : 9781786309266

Publication Date : September 2023

Hardcover 278 pp

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Defects play a key role in the physical properties of semiconductors and devices, and their identification is essential in assessing the reliability of electronic devices.

Defects in Organic Semiconductors and Devices introduces the fundamental aspects of defects in organic semiconductors and devices in relation to the structure of materials and architecture of electronic components. It covers the topics of defect formation and evolution, defect measurement techniques and their adaption to organic devices, the effects of defects on the physical properties of materials and their effects on the performance and lifetime of organic devices. Identifying defects and determining their characteristics in the structure of organic devices such as OLEDs, OFETs and OPVs make it possible to better understand degradation processes and develop solutions to improve the reliability of such devices.

This book is intended for researchers and students in university programs or engineering schools who are specializing in electronics, energy and materials.


1. Overview of Organic Semiconductors.
2. Defects in Materials.
3. Defects and Physical Properties of Semiconductors.
4. Techniques for Studying Defects in Semiconductors.
5. Defect Origins.
6. Defects, Performance and Reliability of Organic Devices.

About the authors/editors

Thien-Phap Nguyen is Emeritus Professor at Nantes University, France. He has taught solid state physics, semiconductor physics and organic electronics. His research focuses on physical processes in organic semiconductors and devices.

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