IGA: Non-Invasive Coupling with FEM and Regularization of Digital Image Correlation Problems

Volume 2 - Isogeometric Analysis Tools for Optimization Applications in Structural Mechanics Set by Piotr Breitkopf

IGA: Non-Invasive Coupling with FEM and Regularization of Digital Image Correlation Problems

Robin Bouclier, INSA-Toulouse, France
Jean-Charles Passieux, INSA-Toulouse and the Clément Ader Institute, France

ISBN : 9781786308252

Publication Date : September 2023

Hardcover 228 pp

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Isogeometric analysis (IGA) consists of using the same higher-order and smooth spline functions for the representation of geometry in Computer Aided Design as for the approximation of solution fields in Finite Element Analysis. Now, almost twenty years after its creation, substantial works are being reported in IGA, making it very competitive in scientific computing.

This book proposes to use IGA jointly with standard finite element methods (FEM), presenting IGA as a projection of FEM on a more regular reduced basis. By shedding new light on how IGA relates to FEM, we can see how IGA can be implemented on top of an FE code in order to improve the solution of problems that require more regularity. This is illustrated by using IGA with FEM in a non-invasive fashion to perform efficient and robust multiscale global/local simulations in solid mechanics. Furthermore, we show that IGA can regularize the inverse problem of FE digital image correlation in experimental mechanics.


1. IGA: A Projection of FEM onto a Powerful Reduced Basis.
2. Non-invasive Global/Local Hybrid IGA/FEM Coupling.
3. Non-invasive Spline-based Regularization of FE Digital Image Correlation Problems.

About the authors/editors

Robin Bouclier is Associate Professor at INSA-Toulouse, France. His work on isogeometric analysis began during his PhD in Lyon. He has since brought this technology to the scientific landscape of Toulouse, in particular for solving optimization or inverse problems, such as those encountered in computational photomechanics.

Jean-Charles Passieux is Professor in Computational Solid Mechanics at INSA-Toulouse and the Clément Ader Institute, France. His research focuses on developing numerical methods that integrate experimental data with mechanical models. He is the main developer of the open-source DIC library pyxel.