The Variscan Belt of Western Europe 1

History, Geodynamic Context and Early Orogenic Events

SCIENCES - Dynamics of the Continental Lithosphere

The Variscan Belt of Western Europe 1

Edited by

Yoann Denèle, Géosciences Environnement Toulouse, France
Julien Berger, Géosciences Environnement Toulouse, France

ISBN : 9781789450996

Publication Date : September 2023

Hardcover 250 pp

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This book deals with the geological record and the evolution of ideas concerning the Variscan orogenic belt in France and neighboring regions.

Volume 1 is based on a general introduction concerning the imprint of the Variscan period on the geology of France, as well as on the particularities of the study of this ancient orogen. A history of the concepts applied to the Variscan belt is proposed in order to consider this orogen in the history of Earth Sciences. A paleogeodynamic analysis of the Variscan cycle sets the general framework for the evolution of the orogen, which is then tackled through the prism of the magmatic, metamorphic and tectonic record of the early phases (from Cambrian to Lower Carboniferous).

Volume 2 proposes an analysis of the late evolution of the Variscan orogenic belt, reflecting its dismantling in a high-temperature context during the Upper Carboniferous and Permian. The sedimentary archives are described, as well as the questions raised by the specificities of this ancient orogen.


1. The Variscan Belt: History of the Evolution of Methods and Concepts, Olivier Vanderhaeghe.
2. Paleogeographical and Paleo-Geodynamic Context of the Variscan Belt, Jean-Marc Lardeaux and Karel Schulmann.
3. Pre-collision Magmatism, Julien Berger.
4. Early Metamorphisms and Deformations in the French Variscan Belt, Michel Faure.

About the authors/editors

Yoann Denèle is a structural geologist, specializing in the tectonic evolution of the ductile domains of orogens.

Julien Berger is a petrologist, specializing in the magmatic and metamorphic evolution of ancient orogenic belts and magmatic arcs.

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