Additive Manufacturing of Metal Alloys 2

Microstructures, Post-processing and Use Properties

SCIENCES - Processes in Material Science

Additive Manufacturing of Metal Alloys 2

Edited by

Patrice Peyre, PIMM laboratory, France
Éric Charkaluk, École Polytechnique, France

ISBN : 9781789450552

Publication Date : September 2023

Hardcover 284 pp

165.00 USD



Over the last decade or so, additive manufacturing has revolutionized design and manufacturing methods by allowing more freedom in design and functionalities unattainable with conventional processes. This has generated extraordinarily high interest in both industrial and academic communities.

Additive Manufacturing of Metal Alloys 2 puts forward a state of the art of additive manufacturing and its different processes, from metallic raw materials (in the form of powder or wire) to their properties after elaboration. It analyzes the microstructures and post-processing of existing AM materials as well as their use properties.

Using a balanced approach encapsulating basic notions and more advanced aspects for each theme, this book acts as a metal additive manufacturing textbook, as useful to professionals in the field as to the general public.


1. Microstructures of Metallic Materials from Additive Manufacturing, Christophe Colin.
2. Post-processing in Additive Manufacturing, Brigitte Bacroix.
3. The Properties of Parts Produced by Additive Manufacturing, Éric Charkaluk.

About the authors/editors

Patrice Peyre is a CNRS senior research scientist at the PIMM laboratory in Paris. He specializes in the study of the transformation of materials using lasers.

Éric Charkaluk is a CNRS senior research scientist at the LMS laboratory at École Polytechnique near Paris. His interests include the deformation and damage of metals in relation to their microstructure.