Fundamental Generation Systems

Computer Science and Artificial Consciousness, the Informational Field of Generation of the Universe, the Sixth Sense of Living Beings

Volume 4 - Digital Sciences Set by Abdelkhalak El Hami

Fundamental Generation Systems

Alain Cardon, INSA-Rouen-Normandie, France
Abdelkhalak El Hami, INSA-Rouen-Normandie, France

ISBN : 9781786308733

Publication Date : August 2023

Hardcover 224 pp

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There are many different ways of generating representations. This includes representations generated by living beings while comprehending reality in order to act; representations generated by the Universe during its extensive unfolding, creating physical elements and living beings; and the direct representation of elements through an animal’s sixth sense. To this list we must now add the creation of artificial consciousness, which generates representations that resemble the mental representations of humans. These representations allow robotic systems to communicate directly with each other.

Fundamental Generation Systems develops a theory which presents, from the beginning, the function of this sixth sense called the “sense of informational comprehension”. This sense is understood as an ability to use the informational foundations of the Universe via a dedicated cerebral domain found in every animal.


1. Systems and their Designs.
2. Reliability of Autonomous Systems.
3. Artificial Intelligence, Communication Systems and Artificial Consciousness.
4. The Informational Substrate of the Universe and the Organizational Law.
5. The Informational Interpretation of Living Things.
6. The Interpretation of Neuronal Aggregates.
7. The Sense of Informational Comprehension of Living Organisms: The Sixth Sense.

About the authors/editors

Alain Cardon is a researcher at INSA-Rouen-Normandie, France. He is a specialist in artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness.

Abdelkhalak El Hami is Full Professor of Universities at INSA-Rouen-Normandie, France. He is a specialist in problems of optimization, reliability and artificial intelligence in multi-physical systems