The Great Turn

Volume 18 - Innovation and Technology SET by Chantal Ammi


Edited by

Carine Dartiguepeyrou, University Catholique of Lille, France
Michel Saloff-Coste, University Catholique of Lille, France

ISBN : 9781786308665

Publication Date : August 2023

Hardcover 212 pp

165.00 USD



In the same way as there are many futures, not just one, there are many ways to conceive and practice foresight. The challenge of the great turning point of our civilization is to free ourselves from our prejudices in order to imagine and build desirable futures. The process is, by nature, ethical and prospective.

In a complex, uncertain and geopolitically transforming world, we must be open to the diversity of cultures and the different perceptions of the future. This requires us to reflect on the purpose and means of our societies.

Futures proposes different cultural and ethical views on civilizational transformation by offering a rare, transnational panorama of the visions of the future in a European, American and Chinese context. Through numerous examples, this book illustrates how foresight is practiced and what this can achieve in strategic terms.


Part 1. Epistemological Outlines.
1. Foresight and Civilization, Michel Saloff-Coste.
2. Cultures and Trajectories, Jean-Eric Aubert.
3. Forward-Looking Design of Evolution, Francis Jutand.

Part 2. Foresight at the Service of Action.
4. A European Perspective on Foresight, Laurent Bontoux.
5. Foresight in Order to Act Ethically, Carine Dartiguepeyrou.
6. Foresight at the Service of Innovation, Nathalie Popiolek.
7. Acting and Evaluating through Values in the Long Term, Valérie Kaufmann.

Part 3. Scenarios for the Future.
8. Changing the Thinking Mode, Zhouying Jin.
9. Foresight Shock, Facing the Inevitable Impact of the Climate Crisis, Herman Gyr and Lisa Friedman.
10. Post-Covid-19 Governance: Two Scenarios, Marc Luyckx Ghisi.

About the authors/editors

Carine Dartiguepeyrou is a political scientist and independent futurist, who is currently collaborating with the Department of Foresight at the Université Catholique de Lille, France.

Michel Saloff-Coste is the Director of Foresight at the Université Catholique de Lille, France, and an adviser to public and private organizations.