Links to Special Relativity


Christian Gontrand, INL/INSA Lyon, France

ISBN : 9781786307811

Publication Date : November 2022

Hardcover 300 pp

165.00 USD



This book is dedicated to the study of the theory of electromagnetism. It is not intended to cover all aspects of the topic, but instead will give a certain perspective, that of its relationship with special relativity. Indeed, special relativity is intrinsic to electromagnetism; thus, this paradigm eliminates some false paradoxes.

Electromagnetism also discusses the limit of classical mechanics, and covers problems that arise when phenomena related to the propagation of electromagnetic waves are encountered. These are problems that even the greatest scientists of the last two hundred years have not been able to entirely overcome.

This book is directed towards the undergraduate level, and will also support the readers as they move on to advanced technical training, such as an engineering or master’s degree.


1. Magnetic Field.
2. Magnetic Forces and their Work.
3. Magnetic Media.
4. Induction.
5. Propagation: Special Relativity.

About the authors/editors

Christian Gontrand is a professor at INL/INSA Lyon, France, focusing on 3D circuits. He was formerly a head professor in the Smart Power Integration team at AMPERE lab and had the technical charge of the CIMIRLY from 1988 to 1996.

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