The Innovation Ecosystem as a Source of Value Creation

A Value Creation Lever for Open Innovation

Volume 4 - Diverse and Global Perspectives on Value Creation SET by Nabyla Daidj

The Innovation Ecosystem as a Source of Value Creation

Odile de Saint Julien, KEDGE BS, France

ISBN : 9781786305749

Publication Date : September 2022

Hardcover 244 pp

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Ecosystems have been present in the fields of economics and management for decades, and in recent years they have experienced rapid development. However, there is still no consensus on the definition of an innovation ecosystem.

Using concrete examples, The Innovation Ecosystem as a Source of Value Creation proposes a unique model in order to refine the understanding, functions, advantages and disadvantages of innovation ecosystems. This model is based on both the iterative network and integrated value chain. The network supports the collaboration between actors and favors asset transfers articulated around the innovation process.

This book highlights the transfer processes at work in the innovation ecosystem, as well as the roles of the actors in this integrated value chain. It presents how value creation is articulated around knowledge to generate value shared by all of the actors in the innovation ecosystem.


1. Innovation Ecosystem: Definitions.
2. Innovation Ecosystem and Innovation Processes.
3. Modeling: Combination of Three Ecosystems.
4. The Actors of the Innovation Ecosystem.
5. Coherence and Interdependencies.
6. The Iterative Network: Collaboration and Typology.
7. Asset and Knowledge Transfers: The Integrated Value Chain.
8. Ecosystems and Strategies.
9. Ecosystems and Value Creation.

About the authors/editors

Odile de Saint Julien is a senior strategy consultant and a professor at KEDGE BS, France. She explores the development of innovation ecosystems to create economic, technological and social value.