Control in System Dynamics

Comparative Analysis of Feedback Strategies

Control in System Dynamics

Alain Oustaloup, Institute of Bordeaux, France

ISBN : 9781785482120

Publication Date : 2023

Hardcover 438 pp

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In order to ensure a pedagogical presentation of the fundamentals, this book, which is based on 45 years of experience, endeavors to identify the main principles of the control scheme and its dynamics.

The control loop is extensively developed because of the reference it constitutes in control. By establishing the control loop as equivalent to any other control or, more precisely, by making an elementary control loop appear, it becomes possible to reveal a part of this loop in other controls and, thanks to its regulator, qualitatively evaluate the control strategy. A comparative analysis then shows that the complexification of the control scheme does not necessarily go hand in hand with a better control strategy and therefore a better performance.

Since robustness results from innovations in terms of performance desensitization, the CRONE control is presented, in view of the genuine domains of uncertainty taken into account and the small number of parameters to be optimized. The educational nature of this book is enhanced by numerous solved problems that develop examples of synthesis of different controls.

Control in System Dynamics is intended for a very wide audience, including engineers, researchers, teachers and students hoping to expand their knowledge of control and dynamics in automatic control.


1. The Control Loop: Characterization and Behavior in Open Loop and Closed Loop.
2. The Control Loop: Stability and Stability Degree, Precision, Dynamic Performances and Controller Synthesis.
3. An Overview of Linearizing Approaches.
4. High-Gain, Feedforward, Internal-Model, Quadratic-Criterion and Predictive Controls: From Principle to Control Loop.
5. On the Three Generations of CRONE Control.
6. Solved Problems.

About the authors/editors

Alain Oustaloup is an engineer from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Électronique et de Radioélectricité de Bordeaux and is currently Emeritus Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux, France. He was the founder of the first automatic control team on non-integer systems, inventor of the CRONE control and the CRONE suspension and is the author or co-author of a large number of publications and a dozen books, including seven monographs.