Altering Frontiers

Organizational Innovations in Healthcare

Volume 1 - Health and Innovation SET Coordinated by Corinne Grenier

Altering Frontiers

Edited by

Corinne Grenier, KEDGE Business School, France
Ewan Oiry, Université du Québec à Montréal (ESG-UQAM), Canada

ISBN : 9781786307071

Publication Date : September 2021

Hardcover 254 pp

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How can healthcare systems be transformed by reimagining their multiple silos to favor processes and practices that are more responsive to local, horizontal initiatives?

Altering Frontiers analyzes numerous experiences, using a multidisciplinary approach, paying attention to certain actors, collectives and organizational arrangements. Through this work, levers are identified that promote lasting transformation: recognizing the legitimacy of the practices of many who are often “invisible”; trusting those who know their intervention territory; investing in methodological support; taking advantage of tools and procedures such as instruments for strategic and managerial discussion; and developing the capacity to absorb innovative ideas and experiences that circulate within the environment.


Part 1. Innovations as Seen by Stakeholders
1. Recognition of Patients’ Experiential Knowledge and Co-production of Care Knowledge with Patients and Citizens in the 21st Century, Luigi Flora.
2. Innovative Organizations and Professional Strategies: The Nursing Professional Space, Philippe Mossé.
3. Managed Communities of Practice in the Gerontology Sector: Case of a CoP of Gerontology Volunteers in Sweden, Bertrand Pauget.

Part 2. Innovations on the Collective Side
4. Moving from Partitioning to Transversality in Operating Rooms using Robot-assisted Surgery, Delphine Wannenmacher.
5. Clinical Poles of Activity, an Opportunity for New Cooperation Between the Actors? The Case of a Hospital, Christelle Havard.
6. Learning from Reforms Aiming to Disseminate Innovative Organizational Models: The Case of Family Medicine Groups in Quebec, Frédéric Gilbert.
7. Variety and Performance of Innovative Organizational Structures: The Emergence of Territorial Support Platforms, Matthieu Sibé, Sandrine Cueille and Tamara Roberts.

Part 3. Reflective Insights on Organizational Innovations in Healthcare
8. Proposals for New Approaches to Contributory Evaluation of Healthcare Pathways from Interface Organizations, Jessica Gheller, Christian Bourret and Gérard Mick.
9. Innovation and Absorptive Capacity of Organizations in the Healthcare Field, Corinne Grenier and Christine Dutrieux.
10. Quality Management in Hospitals: The Two Faces of Rationalization Through Indicators, Hugo Bertillot.

About the authors/editors

Corinne Grenier is Professor of Strategy and Innovation at KEDGE Business School, France, and is the director of the Center of Expertise Health & Innovation. She is also the scientific director of the MSAIS (Mastère Spécialisé Management des Structures et Activités Innovantes en Santé) program.

Ewan Oiry is Full Professor in HRM at École des Sciences de Gestion – Université du Québec à Montréal (ESG-UQAM), Canada. His research focuses on competence management. He is co-lead of the AGRH Thematic Research Group “Competency Management – Didier Retour”.