Electromagnetic Waves 2



Electromagnetic Waves 2

Edited by

Pierre-Noël Favennec, France Télécom, France

ISBN : 9781789450071

Publication Date : April 2021

Hardcover 258 pp

165.00 USD



Electromagnetic Waves 2 examines antennas in the field of radio waves. It analyzes the conditions of use and the parameters that are necessary in order to create an effective antenna.

This book presents antennas’ definitions, regulations and fundamental equations, and describes the various forms of antennas that can be used in radio: horns, waveguides, coaxial cables, printed and miniature antennas. It presents the characterization methods and the link budgets as well as the digital methods that make the fine calculation of radio antennas possible.

Electromagnetic Waves 2 is a collaborative work, completed only with the invaluable contributions of Ibrahima Sakho, Hervé Sizun and Jean-Pierre Blot, not to mention the editor, Pierre-Noël Favennec. Aimed at students and engineers, this book provides essential theoretical support for the design and deployment of wireless radio and optical communication systems.


1. General Information on Antennas, Jean-Pierre Blot.
2. Fundamental Equations Used in Antenna Design, Jean-Pierre Blot.
3. Different Antenna Technologies, Jean-Pierre Blot.
4. Characteristic Parameters of an Antenna, Jean-Pierre Blot.
5. Digital Methods, Jean-Pierre Blot.

About the authors/editors

Pierre-Noël Favennec is a Doctor of Science, former researcher at France Télécom and former consultant at the Institut Télécom. He is now the Chairman of ArmorScience.

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