Records Management at the Heart of Business Processes

Validate, Protect, Operate and Maintain the Information in the Digital Environment

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Records Management at the Heart of Business Processes

Florence Ott, Université de Moncton - Shippagan campus, Canada

ISBN : 9781785480430

Publication Date : July 2021

Hardcover 246 pp

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As the world’s energy sources are depleted, the volume of information regarding distribution and stock is increasing. Control of this information becomes critical due to the explosion of electronic data, the widespread digitalization of business processes and the proliferation of legal and regulatory obligations.

Records management needs to be rethought, taking into account the evidentiary value of documents, protection of private data, the integrated management of business processes, knowledge sharing and the need for transparency and openness of public data. However, managing this vital information is not enough; it is becoming essential to protect it and to facilitate its use and access by those empowered by the addition of metadata. In a changing world, the rapid obsolescence of technologies requires the development of tools and procedures to preserve the archives for a long period of time while ensuring their security. As a result, policies and good practices need to be put in place and followed to ensure the sustainability of this information heritage.


1. Information and Data Management.
2. Managing Records.
3. Appraisal and Classification.
4. Sustainability of Information.

About the authors/editors

Florence Ott is an archivist and historian. She is currently Professor of Information Management at the Université de Moncton, Shippagan campus, in Canada. She has engaged in numerous consultations in order to manage and enhance organizations information resources.