Scattering and Diffraction by Wedges 1

The Wiener-Hopf solution - Theory

Volume 1 - SET Waves and Scattering Coordinated by Jean-Michel L. Bernard

Scattering and Diffraction by Wedges 1

Vito G. Daniele, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Guido Lombardi, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

ISBN : 9781786302632

Publication Date : October 2020

Hardcover 226 pp

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This book, comprising two volumes, has a dual purpose. The first is to introduce a general methodology for solving diffraction problems in geometries constituted of angular regions – The Wiener-Hopf Solution – Theory (Volume 1). The second is to offer the solutions of some canonical problems in modern electromagnetic engineering and other physics – The Wiener-Hopf Solution – Advanced Applications (Volume 2). The general mathematical methodology, based on the Wiener-Hopf technique, is particularly ingenious and original. The method focuses on sophisticated procedures, exploiting properties of analytic functions. With the acquired knowledge of the methodology, the reader can easily obtain solutions to the problems presented in the book. Furthermore, the technique can be applied to novel, challenging wedge problems.

The two volumes have wide appeal, with the methodology extending beyond electromagnetics to acoustics and elasticity problems. The proposed practical problems, along with their solutions, constitute a reference list applicable to engineering production within the fields of propagation, EMC, radar technologies and elasticity.


1. Introduction to the Wiener-Hopf Method.
2. A Basic Example: Scattering by a Half-plane.
3. The Wiener-Hopf Theory for Angular Region Problems.

About the authors

Vito G. Daniele is Emeritus Professor at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. He has been a guest speaker at several international symposia and a reviewer for many international journals. His research focuses on analytical and approximation methods for the evaluation of electromagnetic fields.

Guido Lombardi holds a PhD in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, where he is Associate Professor. He also acts as an IEEE TAP Track Editor, an IEEE Senior Member and the ICEAA-IEEE APWC Conference Publication Chair. He was a 2019 Program Organizer at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, UK and 2018–2019 IEEE TAP Guest-Editor on Radio Wave Propagation. His research comprises computational EM, diffraction and microwave components.

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