Discovering Odors

Discovering Odors

Gérard Brand, University of Burgundy - Franche-Comté, France

ISBN : 9781786305213

Publication Date : December 2019

Hardcover 236 pp

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Often taken for granted, the sense of smell has seldom been discussed or understood. However, since the start of the 20th Century, studies in this area have grown exponentially and today there is a greater understanding of the olfactory system – at both structural and functional levels.

Scientists now concern themselves with questions about the holistic nature of our sense of smell and are investigating the role of odors in interpersonal relations, in food intake processes, in the diagnosis of certain illnesses, and many other areas. The beginnings of this knowledge are as fascinating as they are abundant and numerous disciplines are involved: psychology, physiology, genetics, neuroscience, engineering, etc.

This book illustrates and analyzes the current state of advances in research about the smells around us, and the way in which they influence our relationship with the world.


1. Dr. Følling’s Flair: Discovery of Phenylketonuria by Smell.
2. A Nobel Prize for the Nose and Retraction in Science.
3. Sperm and Lily of the Valley.
4. Vibrational Theory and the Astonishing Story of Researcher Luca Turin.
5. The Famous Madeleines: The Proust Phenomenon, a Scientific Spoliation?
6. The Smell of Rain.
7. The Neanderthal Nose.
8. Mr. and Mrs. Kallmann Have a Son: When Losing Your Nose and Losing Your Gonads Go Hand in Hand.
9. Whiplash, or Losing Your Sense of Smell Following a Head Injury.
10. Phantom Odors.
11. These Odors That Make Your Head Hurt.
12. The Sleeper’s Nose.
13. Surströmming: The Worst Odor in the World?
14. It Smells Like Cheese.
15. What Fennel Reveals to Us.
16. Mustard Goes Up My Nose and Onions Make Me Cry: Discovering a Third Unknown Chemical Sense.
17. Lavender at the Dentist: Aromatherapy, a Myth or a Reality?
18. Catnip and Pregnant Women: Some Variations in Sensitivity to Odors.
19. If You Eat Too Much Fat, You Will Lose Your Sense of Smell.
20. Experts’ Noses.
21. Filled with Smells.
22. Obesity and Chocolate.
23. The Nose on the Plate: A Difficult Scientific Consensus.
24. The Smell of a Hot Croissant: When Our Sense of Smell Nibbles Away at Our Free Will.
25. The Dog That Sniffs Out Cancer.
26. Smells to Cure Cancer?
27. A Depressed Patient’s Nose.
28. Gogol’s Nose or “Empty Nose” Syndrome.
29. She Smells Parkinson’s.
30. And What Does Parkinson’s Smell Like?
31. Alzheimer’s Nose: Losing Sense of Smell and Losing Memory, the Same Story?
32. The Smell of Old People.
33. The Smell of Death.
34. Red Meat, Garlic and Sex Appeal.
35. Tears and Desire: Stop Crying, it Doesn’t Turn Me On Anymore.
36. With a Bad Nose, Comes a Poor Flirt.
37. It’s All in the Sweat.
38. The Smell of Fear.
39. What Epigenetics Owes to the Nose: How Fear Learned From an Odor can be Transmitted to Offspring.
40. Odor and Pain.
41. Odorology.
42. On the Trail of Odors.
43. The Electronic Nose.
44. The Plane Nose: The Methods of the Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik to Get Up in the Air.
45. The Gender of the Nose.
46. The Newborn’s Nose.
47. The Smell of a Handshake.
48. The Nose and Perfumes.
49. Odors… A Hobby?
50. Tell Me What You Smell, I’ll Tell You Who You Are, But Not Where You Come From: On Genetic Variations in Odor Perception.

About the authors/editors

Gérard Brand is a lecturer and researcher in Neurosciences at the University of Burgundy - Franche-Comté, France.

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