Solving Transport Problems

Towards Green Logistics

Solving Transport Problems

Edited by

Walid Besbes, Taif University, Tunisia
Diala Dhouib, University of Sfax, Tunisia
Niaz Wassan, University of Kent, United Kingdom
Emna Marrekchi, University of Sfax, Tunisia

ISBN : 9781786303899

Publication Date : December 2019

Hardcover 258 pp

145.00 USD



Solving Transport Problems establishes fundamental points and good practice in resolving matters regarding green transportation. This is to prompt further research in conveyance issues by providing readers with new knowledge and grounds for integrated models and solution methods. Focusing on green transportation, this book covers various sub-topics and thus consists of diverse content.

Traditionally, academia and transport practitioners have mainly concentrated on efficient fleet management to achieve economic benefits and better-quality service. More recently, due to growing public environmental concerns and the industry understanding of the issue, the academic community has started to address environmental issues.

The studies of green transportation compiled in this book have identified certain areas of interest, such as references, viewpoints, algorithms and ideas. Solving Transport Problems is for researchers, environmental decision-makers and other concerned parties, to start discussion on developing optimized technology and alternative fuel-based integrated models for environmentally cleaner transport systems.


1. An Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Heuristic for the Green Dial-a-Ride Problem, Mohamed Amine Masmoudi, Manar Hosny
and Emrah Demir.
2. Role of Green Technology Vehicles in Road Transportation Emissions – Case of the UK, Niaz Wassan, Angus Furneaux and Said Salhi.
3. Transport Pooling: Moving Toward Green Distribution, Alaeddine Zouari.
4. A Ruin and Recreate Solution Method for a Lexicographic Vehicle Routing Problem Integrating Park-and-Loop and Car Sharing, Olivier Gallay and Nicolas Zufferey.
5. An Overview of the Recent Solution Approaches in the Green Vehicle Routing Problem, Emna Marrekchi, Walid Besbes and Diala Dhouib.
6. Multi-Criteria Decision Aid for Green Modes of Crude Oil Transportation Using MACBETH: The Sfax Region Case, Nouha Hammami, Mohamed Haykal Ammar and Diala Dhouib.
7. Green Reverse Logistics: Case of the Vehicle Routing Problem with Delivery and Collection Demands, Naveed Wassan, Niaz Wassan,
Lina Simeonova and Walid Besbes.
8. An Improved DTC Induction Motor for Electric Vehicle Propulsion: An Intention to Provide a Comfortable Ride, Fatma Ben Salem
and Moez Feki.
9. Optimization in Multilevel Green Transportation Problems with Electrical Vehicles, Marcos R. Leite, Heder S. Bernandino, Luciana B. Gonçalves and Stênio Soares.

About the authors/editors

Walid Besbes is an Assistant Professor at the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Taif University, Saudi Arabia. He is also a member of LOGIQ, University of Sfax, Tunisia.

Diala Dhouib is a Professor in Quantitative Methods at the University of Sfax, Tunisia and Director of the Research Unit LOGIQ. She has initiated several research projects with economic agents and public organizations.

Niaz Wassan is a Reader in Management Science at the University of Kent, UK. He is a founding member of the CLHO, University of Kent. His other professional memberships include CILT, CIPS and the OR Society, UK.

Emna Marrekchi is a Doctor in Operations Research and Decision Aid at the faculty of Management and Economics, University of Sfax, Tunisia.

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