Lagrangian Mechanics

An Advanced Analytical Approach

Lagrangian Mechanics

Anh Le van and Rabah Bouzidi, University of Nantes, France

ISBN : 9781786304360

Publication Date : June 2019

Hardcover 326 pp

155.00 USD



Lagrangian Mechanics explains the subtleties of analytical mechanics and its applications in rigid body mechanics. The authors demonstrate the primordial role of parameterization, which conditions the equations and thus the information obtained; the essential notions of virtual kinematics, such as the virtual derivative and the dependence of the virtual quantities with respect to a reference frame; and the key concept of perfect joints and their intrinsic character, namely the invariance of the fields of compatible virtual velocities with respect to the parameterization.

Throughout the book, any demonstrated results are stated with the respective hypotheses, clearly indicating the applicability conditions for the results to be ready for use. Numerous examples accompany the text, facilitating the understanding of the calculation mechanisms.

The book is mainly intended for Bachelor's, Master's or engineering students who are interested in an in-depth study of analytical mechanics and its applications.


1. Kinematics.
2. Parameterization and Parameterized Kinematics.
3. Efforts.
4. Virtual Kinematics.
5. Virtual Powers.
6. Lagrange’s Equations.
7. Perfect Joints.
8. Lagrange’s Equations in the Case of Perfect Joints.
9. First Integrals.
10. Equilibrium.
11. Revision Problems.

About the authors/editors

Anh Le van is Professor at the University of Nantes, France, and teaches structural mechanics at the Faculty of Science. His research at the GeM laboratory (Institute for Research in Civil and Mechanical Engineering) focuses on membrane structures in large deformations.

Rabah Bouzidi is Associate Professor at the University of Nantes, France. He also teaches structural mechanics, and researches membrane structures in large deformations at the GeM laboratory.