Metrology in Industry

The Key for Quality

Metrology in Industry

French College of Metrology

ISBN : 9781905209514

Publication Date : March 2006

Hardcover 272 pp

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Metrology is an integral part of the structure of today’s world: navigation and telecommunications require highly accurate time and frequency standards; human health and safety relies on authoritative measurements in diagnosis and treatment, as does food production and trade; global climate studies also depend on reliable and consistent data. Moreover, international trade practices increasingly require institutions to display demonstrated conformity to written standards and specifications. As such, having relevant and reliable results of measurements and tests in compliance with mutually recognised standards can be a technical, commercial and statutory necessity for a company.

This book, the results of a working group from the French College of Metrology and featuring chapters written by a range of experts from a variety of European countries, gives a comprehensive and international treatment of the subject. Academics involved in metrology as well as people involved in the metrology capacities of companies and institutions will find this book of great interest.


1. Analysis of Metrological Requirements Needed to Ensure Quality.
2. Organization of Metrology: Industrial, Scientific, Legal.
3. Mastering Measurement Processes Approach to the Setting up a Metrology Function.
4. Handling of a Bank of Measuring Instruments.
5. Traceability to National Standards.
6. Calibration Intervals and Methods for Monitoring Measurement Processes.
7. Measurements and Uncertainties.
8. The Environment of Measuring.
9. About Measuring.
10. Organization of Metrology at Solvay Research & Technology.
11. Metrology within the Scope of the ISO 9001 Standard.
12. Training for the Metrology Professions in France.