Finite Physical Dimensions Optimal Thermodynamics 2

Complex Systems

Finite Physical Dimensions Optimal Thermodynamics 2

Michel Feidt, University of Lorraine, France

ISBN : 9781785482335

Publication Date : July 2018

Hardcover 218 pp

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Energy and the environment are inextricably linked not only to the economy but also to the future of humanity. Thermodynamics therefore seems to be a favored tool in overcoming the constraints associated with optimization.

The first volume of this series highlighted an original approach leading to optimal solutions for simple systems. These are limit solutions associated with trend models in the presence (or absence) of constraints.

This second volume, relating to thermodynamics in finite physical dimensions, takes up and completes the concepts and methodology of Volume 1, but with regard to complex systems: energy conversion other than thermomechanical; staged or cascading machines; hybrid or combination machines; integration of systems including polygeneration.

The end of the book provides an overview and an opinion on recent developments in irreversible thermodynamics in engineering sciences, emphasizing the more fundamental aspects of this science: what the author finds is a prospect for the future.


1. Finite Dimensions Thermodynamics beyond Thermomechanical Systems.
2. From Machines to Systems: Complex Systems.
3. Towards Systems Integration.
4. E Exponent E.

About the authors/editors

Michel Feidt is Professor in the Department of Physics and Mechanics at the University of Lorraine, France.

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