Data Analytics and Big Data

Data Analytics and Big Data

Soraya Sedkaoui, Khemis Miliana University, Algeria

ISBN : 9781786303264

Publication Date : May 2018

Hardcover 220 pp

120.00 USD



Big data analytics is one of the fastest growing fields in today’s business context. It concerns not only data that is continuously getting “bigger”, but also the ways in which that data is processed and analyzed and how it is turned into knowledge.

This book covers the basic concepts of big data analytics in easy-to-understand terms, working through a series of practical applications which illustrate the use and importance of working with data. It includes an introduction to the crucial domain of machine learning algorithms based on their principles, concepts and applications.

As companies are increasingly embracing the opportunities offered by big data, it is becoming ever more important to understand what exactly big data analytics and algorithms can do. This book will help the reader to explore this pertinent new field and discover what can be revealed by each byte of data.


Part 1. Towards an Understanding of Big Data: Are You Ready?
1. From Data to Big Data: You Must Walk Before You Can Run.
2. Big Data: A Revolution that Changes the Game.

Part 2. Big Data Analytics: A Compilation of Advanced Analytics Techniques that Covers a Wide Range of Data
3. Building an Understanding of Big Data Analytics.
4.Why Data Analytics and When Can We use It?
5. Data Analytics Process: There’s Great Work Behind the Scenes.

Part 3. Data Analytics and Machine Learning: the Relevance of Algorithms
6. Machine Learning: a Method of Data Analysis that Automates Analytical Model Building.
7. Supervised versus Unsupervised Algorithms: a Guided Tour.
8. Applications and Examples.

About the authors/editors

Soraya Sedkaoui is a Senior Lecturer at Khemis Miliana University, Algeria, and a Data Analyst with SRY Consulting, France. Her research fields include econometrics, big data, computer science and the development of algorithms and models for business applications.