Multi-mechanism Modeling of Inelastic Material Behavior

Multi-mechanism Modeling of Inelastic Material Behavior

Georges Cailletaud, Mines ParisTech, France
Kacem Saï, School of Engineering (ENI), Sfax, Tunisia
Lakhdar Taleb, INSA Rouen, France

ISBN : 9781848215801

Publication Date : December 2017

Hardcover 284 pp

120.00 USD



Sustainable development policies are needed now more than ever in response to the increasingly demanding safety criteria that are continually being introduced in numerous fields of engineering. This in turn is leading engineers to develop increasingly sophisticated design methodologies.

Following decades of progress in inelastic constitutive equations, the time has come to take the models out of the research laboratories and demonstrate their capabilities in solving engineering problems. This is the purpose of this book, which details the particular case of the so-called “multi-mechanism” approach to both an academic and industrial audience.

Along with the main elements of the state of the art, the authors provide the formulation of the models based on several deformation modes that interact with each other. Also demonstrated is the way in which these models are to be used, with a large number of applications for industrial materials and structural calculations.

This book is targeted at doctoral and master's students, as well as researchers and engineers in the industry.


1. State of the Art.
2. Model Formulation.
3. Typical MM Responses.
4. Comparison with Experimental Databases.
5. MM Damage-Plasticity Models.
6. Finite Element Implementation.

About the authors/editors

Georges Cailletaud is Professor at Mines ParisTech in France, teaching mechanics of materials and structures.

Kacem Saï is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the School of Engineering (ENI) in Sfax, Tunisia.

Lakhdar Taleb is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Rouen, France.

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