Concurrent, Real-Time and Distributed Programming in Java

Threads, RTSJ and RMI

FOCUS Series in Computer Engineering

Concurrent, Real-Time and Distributed Programming in Java

Badr Benmammar, Abu Bekr Belkaid University, Tlemcen, Algeria

ISBN : 9781786302588

Publication Date : December 2017

Hardcover 176 pp

120.00 USD



This book offers an introduction to concurrent, real-time and distributed programming, using Java object-oriented language support as an algorithm description tool.

Complete with useful examples and practical exercises, the book is particularly interested in communication using TCP sockets and high-level communication via Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI). It describes the methods of synchronization (cooperative and competitive) and data sharing (internal class, static variables) between Java threads and contains an informative discussion of real-time applications in Java, including a presentation of the RTSJ (Real-Time Specification for Java) specification dedicated to the development of those real-time applications. Finally, the book explores distributed programming in Java.

This book is aimed at those who have prior knowledge of the Java language, with exercises in the Appendix.


1. Introduction to Threads in Java.
2. Thread Synchronization.
3. Real-Time Systems and Real-Time Java.
4. Distributed Programming in Java.

About the authors/editors

Badr Benmammar is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Science of Abu Bekr Belkaid University, Tlemcen, Algeria. He received his PhD degrees in Computer Science from the University of Bordeaux 1, France. His main research activities concern cognitive radio networks.

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