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Design Constraints for NFC Devices

Dominique Paret, Consultant

ISBN: 9781848218840

Publication Date: April 2016   Hardback   224 pp.

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Near field communication (NFC) can appear to be a simple intuitive technology for exchanging data between close devices. In reality, these contactless structures that combine components and antennas must respect important and specific working constraints.
Illustrated by a number of detailed technological examples, this book discusses the multiple normative (ISO, CEN, NFC Forum, EMVCo, etc.) and regulatory (ERC, FCC, ETSI, radiofrequency, private and ecological pollution, etc.) constraints, as well as the applied, typological, functional, structural, environmental or interoperability constraints that a NFC device might face.
Design Constraints for NFC Devices also presents techniques that enable us to free ourselves from the technological constraints of current NFC operations encountered in banking, public transport, administration, automotive, industrial, communicating object and Internet of Things applications.


1. Recap of the Principles Employed in NFC.
2. Normative Constraints of NFC.
3. Regulatory Constraints and Recommendations.
4. Applicational Typologies of the NFC and their Consequences.
5. Constraints Due to Fields of Application.
6. Structural Constraints in NFC.
7. Functional Applicational Constraints.
8. Conformity Constraints.
9. Interoperability Constraints.

About the Authors

Dominique Paret is a consultant in radiofrequency identification, contactless technologies, NFC and indoor geolocalization. He teaches electronics and RFID in various engineering schools. He is also the author of several books on RFID technologies.


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