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Dynamics of Large Structures and Inverse Problems

Mathematical and Mechanical Engineering Set – Volume 5

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Swelling Concrete in Dams and Hydraulic Structures

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Lifetime Data Analysis Based on Underlying Stochastic Processes

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An Ill-defined Object

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Reading and Writing Knowledge in Scientific Communities

Digital Humanities and Knowledge Construction

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Going Past Limits To Growth

A Report to the Club of Rome EU-Chapter

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Operationalizing Sustainability

Pierre Massotte, Consultant Patrick Corsi, Consultant

ISBN: 9781848218925

Publication Date: October 2015   Hardback   438 pp.

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The second of two books making up a comprehensive treatise on sustainability for a variety of academic and executive readers in all walks of post-modern activities.
Following on from the first book, in which the authors discuss the mechanisms underlying sustainability and the principles to be taken into account to define its technologies (in the etymological sense), this second book implements the ways to make sustainability operational and attempts to measure it.
The authors present an attempt at unification, based on these concepts, that is implementable. The tactical part of sustainability implementation and operationalization (the “how to do it”) has the intention to discover, suggest and develop new practical elements about future methodologies. Various experiments are detailed, which result in unexpected or disruptive results and enable the definition and adaptation of approaches, rules and principles, boosting system sustainability.
This book tackles fundamental cross-disciplinary issues and paves the way towards a productive interplay between freewill and selfishness. It provides a mind-centered roadmap on how sustainability must be addressed in the field and how the measurement of a sustainable system can be performed.


1. Toward a Sustainability Science.
2. Sustainability in Complex Systems.
3. Extension: From Complexity to the Code of Thought.
4. From Context to Knowledge: Building Decision-making Systems.
5. From Context to Knowledge: Basic Methodology Review.
6. From Knowledge to Context and Back: The C-K Theory and Methodology.
7. Principles and Methods for the Design and Development of Sustainable Systems.
8. Toward the Mass Co-design: Why is Social Innovation so Attractive.
9. On Integrating Innovation and CSR when Developing Sustainable Systems.
10. Sustainability Engineering and Holism: Thinking Conditions are a Must.
11. Sustainable Cognitive Engineering: Brain Modeling; Evolution of a Knowledge Base.
12. Brain and Cognitive Computing: Where Are We Headed ?
13. On Measuring Sustainability.

About the Authors

Pierre Massotte is a senior consultant in advanced technologies projects. His career focused on manufacturing quality, business competitiveness, then complexity, self-organization, and sustainability at IBM. Leading to IBM Academy of Technology, he continued as Scientific Director at IBM EMEA, to improve European Manufacturing plants and Development Laboratories operations. He was Deputy Director at Ecole des Mines d’Alès in France.
Patrick Corsi is an international consultant in designing breakthrough futures at Cayak InnoV, Paris and IKM, London, UK and Brussels, and an Associate Practitioner in intensive innovation at the Centre de Gestion Scientifique at Mines ParisTech in France. Previously, he had an extensive career with IBM Corp., IBM France, THOMSON-CSF, the European Commission as well as a successful start-up experience.


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