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Dynamics of Large Structures and Inverse Problems

Mathematical and Mechanical Engineering Set – Volume 5

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Civil Engineering Structures According to the Eurocodes

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Swelling Concrete in Dams and Hydraulic Structures

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Earthquake Occurrence

Short- and Long-term Models and their Validation

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Mathematical Theory of Microorganims Cultures

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From Prognostics and Health Systems Management to Predictive Maintenance 2

Knowledge, Traceability and Decision

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First Hitting Time Regression Models

Lifetime Data Analysis Based on Underlying Stochastic Processes

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The Innovative Company

An Ill-defined Object

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Reading and Writing Knowledge in Scientific Communities

Digital Humanities and Knowledge Construction

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Going Past Limits To Growth

A Report to the Club of Rome EU-Chapter

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Ethics in Social Networking and Business 1

Theory, Practice and Current Recommendations

Pierre Massotte, Consultant

ISBN: 9781786301963

Publication Date: August 2017   Hardback   334 pp.

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This book, the first of two volumes dedicated to ethics in social networking and business, presents the notions, theories and practical aspects related to ethics, morale and deontology in our society.
Through a series of discussions and examples on topics ranging from complexity to evolution theories, the author provides an insight into why business ethics is essential for managing risks and uncertainties.
The Ethics in Social Networking and Business series is the result of a cross-integration of real experiences (from IBM, society and the Rotary Club), transdisciplinary works in decision making, and advances at the boundaries of several scientific fields.


1. The Rotary: Organization and Motivations.
2. Ethics: Some Definitions and Concepts.
3. Why Ethics? Behavior Between Convictions and Responsibilities.
4. Perception of Ethics in Life and Society.
5. Ethics and Media.
6. Ethics: Childhood and Society.
7. Ethics and Economic Organizations.
8. Business Ethics: Some Principles and Mechanisms.
9. Ethics in Enterprise: Towards Z-Management. Coaching and Championship.
10. Ethics and Complexity.
11. Dynamic Evolution of Life, Management and Ethics.
12. Ethics: Deployment in the Rotary.
13. Ethics in Society: Implementation Principles in Different Countries.

About the Authors

Pierre Massotte worked for IBM in Quality, Advanced Technologies, then as scientific director in EMEA Manufacturing to improve European Manufacturing plants’ and Development Laboratories’ competitiveness. He then joined Ecole des Mines d'Alès as Deputy Director within the Nîmes EMA Laboratory. He is now working on complexity, sustainability and inclusivity in society. He has been a member of the Rotary Club since 1987.


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