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Going Past Limits To Growth

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Smart Decisions in Complex Systems

Pierre Massotte, Consultant Patrick Corsi, Consultant

ISBN: 9781786301109

Publication Date: June 2017   Hardback   376 pp.

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Faced with ever-increasing complexity on a daily basis, the decision-makers of today are struggling to find the appropriate models, methods and tools to face the issues arising in complex systems across all levels of global operations.
Having, in the past, resorted to outdated approaches which limit problem-solving to linear world views, we must now capitalize on complexities in order to succeed and progress in our society.
This book provides a guide to harnessing the wealth inherent to complex systems. It organizes the transition to complex decision-making in all business spheres while providing many examples in various application domains.
The authors offer fresh developments for understanding and mastering the global “uberization” of the economy, the post-modern management of computer-assisted production and the rise of cognitive robotics science applications.


1. The Foundations of Complexity.
2. Evidencing Field Complexity.
3. The New “Complex” Operational Context.
4. Taking Up Complexity.
5. Tackling Complexity with a Methodology.
6. Management and Control of Complex Systems.
7. Platforms for Taking up Complexity.
8. Applying Intrinsic Complexity: The Uberization of the Economy.
9. Computer-assisted Production Management.
10. Complexity and Cognitive Robotics.

About the Authors

Pierre Massotte worked for IBM in Quality, Advanced Technologies, then as scientific director in EMEA Manufacturing to improve the competitivity of European manufacturing plants and development laboratories. He recently joined Ecole des Mines d'Alès as Deputy Director within the Nîmes EMA Laboratory. He is now working on sustainability and inclusivity in Society.
Patrick Corsi is a consultant in breakthrough design innovation processes at CayaK-InnoV. He has worked for IBM Corp., IBM France, SYSECA/THOMSON-CSF, a successful start-up in artificial intelligence in Paris and the European Commission in Brussels. He is an Associate Practitioner with Mines ParisTech.


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