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The Biogeochemical Cycle of Silicon in the Ocean

FOCUS Series in Earth System Environmental Sciences

Bernard Quéguiner, Aix-Marseille University, France

ISBN: 9781848218154

Publication Date: June 2016   Hardback   146 pp.

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In the biogeochemical dynamics of marine ecosystems, silicon is a major element whose role has, for a long time, been underestimated. It is however indispensable to the activity of several biomineralizing marine organisms, some of which play an essential role in the biological pump of oceanic carbon.
This book presents notions indispensable to the knowledge on the silicon biogeochemical cycle in ocean systems, first of all describing the main quantitative analysis techniques and examination of the major organisms involved in the cycle. The author then moves on to study the most up-to-date processes to control the use of silicon and its regeneration in natural conditions, before mentioning the central role played by this original element in the control of all the biogeochemical cycles in the global ocean. The available information finally enables the global biogeochemical budget of silicon in the marine environment to be quantified.


1. The Chemical Forms of Silicon in the Marine Domain.
2. Techniques for Studying Stocks and Fluxes.
3. The Marine Producers of Biogenic Silica.
4. Cellular Mechanisms of Silica Deposition by Diatoms.
5. Dissolution of Biogenic Silica and Orthosilicic Acid Regeneration.
6. The Control of Biogeochemistry by Silicon at Global Scale.
7. The Global Budget of Silicon in the Oceans.

About the Authors

Bernard Quéguiner is Professor at Aix-Marseille University in France. He is interested in the nutritional dynamics of phytoplancton and the biogeochemistry of silicon in different ocean environments, especially in polar regions.


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