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Multimedia Multicast on The Internet

Edited by Abderrahim Benslimane, University of Avignon, France

ISBN: 9781905209422

Publication Date: January 2007   Hardback   384 pp.

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This book examines multicast technology and will be a key text for undergraduate engineering students and master students in networks and telecoms. However, it will be equally useful for a wide range of professionals in this research field. Multicast routing was introduced with the advent of multiparty applications (for example, videoconferencing on the Internet) and collaborative work (for example, distributed simulations). It is related to the concept of group communication, a technique introduced to reduce communication costs.
The various problems of multicast routing on the Internet are examined in detail. They include: group membership management, quality of service, reliability, safety, scalability and transport. Throughout the text, several protocols are introduced in order to analyze, compare and cover the various aspects of multicast routing.


1. Multicast Routing on the Internet,
Jean-Jacques Pansiot.
2. Hierarchical Multicast Protocols with Quality of Service,
Abderrahim Benslimane and Omar Moussaoui.
3. A Transport Protocol for Multimedia Multicast with Differentiated Quality of Service,
David Garduno, Ernesto Exposito and Michel Diaz.
4. Reliability in Group Communications: An Introduction,
Vincent Roca.
5. End-to-End Approaches of Reliable Communications,
Vincent Roca.
6. Router-assisted Based Reliable Multicast,
Prométhée Spathis and Kim Thai.
7. Congestion Control in Multicast Communications,
CongDuc Pham and Moufida Maimour.
8. Approaches to Multicast Traffic Engineering,
Christian Jacuenet.
9. Towards New Protocols for Small Multicast Groups: Explicit Routing and Recursive Unicast,
Ali Boudani and Abderrahim Benslimane.
10. Secure Multicast Communications,
Melek Önen, Refik Molva and Alain Pannetrat.
11. Scalable Virtual Environments,
Walid Dabbous and Thierry Turletti.

About the Authors

Abderrahim Benslimane is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Avignon, France. Currently, he is responsible for the masters programme in networks, telecoms and multimedia. He is team leader of the computer networks and multimedia applications research group. His research and teaching interests are group communication protocols, quality of service in wired and mobile networks and inter-vehicular communication. Abderrahim Benslimane is author of several refereed publications in these areas, as well as being involved in related scientific projects.


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