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Big Data, Open Data and Data Development

Smart Innovation Set - Volume 3

Jean-Louis Monino, Montpellier University, France Soraya Sedkaoui, Khemis Miliana University, Algeria

ISBN: 9781848218802

Publication Date: March 2016   Hardback   170 pp.

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This book highlights the challenges of Big Data, focusing on the integration and valorization of data in enterprises. It addresses the issue of data recovery in a highly competitive environment and presents a topic involving several fields (Big Data, Open Data, data processing, innovation, business intelligence, etc.). This multidisciplinary approach allows the authors to bring a considerable enrichment to the studies and research on the development of data warehouses as a whole.
The development of related technologies, such as the advent of the Internet, social networks and "cloud-computing", has increased the volume of available data. This new immaterial wealth in which the "data" is produced in real time comes in a continuous stream and from a multitude of sources which are generally heterogeneous. This accumulation of data of all types (audio, video, files, pictures, etc.) generates new activities which aim to analyze this enormous mass of information. It is thus necessary to adapt and try new approaches, new methods, new knowledge and new ways of working, resulting in new properties and new issues since a logical referencing must be created and implemented. At the company level, this mass of data is difficult to manage; its interpretation is primarily a challenge. This impacts those brought in to “manipulate” the mass and requires a specific infrastructure for the creation, storage, processing, analysis and recovery. The biggest challenge lies in "enhancement data" available in greater quantities, diversity and access speeds.


1. The Big Data Revolution.
2. Open Data: A New Challenge.
3. Data Development Mechanisms.
4. Creating Value from Data Processing.

About the Authors

Jean-Louis Monino is Director of TRIS Laboratory and Professor at Montpellier University in France. His research focuses on data processing, econometrics and competitive intelligence.
Soraya Sedkaoui works at TRIS Laboratory and is a lecturer at Khemis Miliana University in Algeria. Her research fields include econometrics, statistics, and data mining and forecasting techniques


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