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Heat Transfer in Polymer Composite Materials

Forming Processes

Edited by Nicolas Boyard, Laboratory of Thermokinetics, Nantes, France

ISBN: 9781848217614

Publication Date: March 2016   Hardback   452 pp.

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This book is dedicated to heat transfer in organic matrix composite materials and their forming processes.
The forming of composite materials has recently become a major topic of research in terms of experimentation, modeling and simulation, where several scientific disciplines must come together in order to achieve the desired properties of manufactured parts.
The author brings together academic and industrial research from different disciplines around thermal sciences to provide the basis on heat transfer during the processing of polymers and composites, as well as the latest methods and techniques to help in the solving of many issues within these topics.
This book provides theoretical and practical information to understand, measure and describe heat transfer during forming processes (in the tool as well as in the composite part) both from a physical and numerical point of view, and introduces the required couplings.


1. Introduction to Heat Transfer During the Forming of Organic Matrix Composites, Didier Delaunay.
2. Experimental Determination and Modeling of Thermophysical Properties, Nicolas Boyard and Didier Delaunay.
3. Experimental Determination and Modeling of Transformation Kinetics, Nicolas Boyard, Jean-Luc Bailleul and Míhamed Boutaous.
4. Phase Change Kinetics within Process Conditions and Coupling with Heat Transfer, Míhamed Boutaous, Matthieu Zinet, Nicolas Boyard and Jean-Luc Bailleul.
5. From the Characterization and Modeling of Cure-Dependent Properties of Composite Materials to the Simulation of Residual Stresses, Yasir Nawab and Frédéric Jacquemin.
6. Heat Transfer in Composite Materials and Porous Media: Multiple-Scale Aspects and Effective Properties, Michel Quintard.
7. Thermal Optimization of Forming Processes, Vincent Sobotka.
8. Modeling of Thermoplastic Welding, Gilles Regnier and Steven Le Corre.
9. Multiphysics for Simulation of Forming Processes, Luisa Silva, Patrice Laure, Thierry Coupez and Hugues Digonnet.
10. Thermal Instrumentation for the Control of Manufacturing Processes of Organic Matrix Composite Materials, Jean-Christophe Batsale and Christophe Pradere.
11. Sensors for Heat Flux Measurement, Fabien Cara and Vincent Sobotka.
12. Thermal Radiative Properties of Polymersand Associated Composites, Benoit Rousseau.
13. Infrared Radiation Applied to Polymer Processes, Yannick Le Maoult and Fabrice Schmidt.

About the Authors

Nicolas Boyard is a CNRS researcher at the Laboratory of Thermokinetics of Nantes in France.


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