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Team Coordination in Extreme Environments

Work Practices and Technological Uses under Uncertainty

Cécile Godé, University Lumière Lyon 2, France

ISBN: 9781848219137

Publication Date: December 2015   Paperback   140 pp.

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The development and coordination of managerial devices to help businesses cope with the numerous challenges they face have been the subject of many empirical analyses in recent years.
This books draws from these studies to answer the question of how to coordinate a team in extreme environments. Embracing a practice-based perspective, it identifies work practices and technological uses that improve coordination within teams. Organizations need to know how to support the coordination of teams that evolve in highly changing, uncertain and risky contexts.
Beyond reviewing current literature on the analysis of coordination in the field, the author draws on military case studies and illustrations to offer readers practical ways to implement devices that facilitate coordination within teams.


1. Extreme Environment and Management Situations.
2. Team Coordination: What the Theory of Organizations has to Say.
3. Coordination Practices in the Extreme Environment: Communication, Reflexivity and Socialization.
4. Can Coordination in the Extreme Environment be Learned? A Managerial Approach.

About the Authors

Cécile Godé is Full Professor at the University Lumière Lyon 2, COACTIS EA 4161, in France. Her research explores information systems management and coordination management, with a focus on experiential learning processes under extreme circumstances.


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