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Two-dimensional Signal Analysis

Edited by René Garello, ENST Bretagne, France

ISBN: 9781848210189

Publication Date: April 2008   Hardback   320 pp.

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This title sets out to show that 2-D signal analysis has its own role to play alongside signal processing and image processing. Concentrating its coverage on 2-D signals coming from physical sensors (such as radars and sonars), the text explores a 2-D spectral approach but develops the modeling of 2-D signals and proposes several data-oriented analysis techniques for dealing with them. Coverage is also given to potential future developments in this area.


1. Basic Elements of 2-D Signal Processing, Claude Cariou, Olivier Alata and Jean-Marc Le Caillec.
2. 2-D Linear Stochastic Modeling, Olivier Alata and Claude Cariou.
3. 2-D Spectral Analysis, Claude Cariou, Stéphanie Rouquette and Olivier Atala.
4. Bi-spectral Analysis of 2-D Signals, Jean-Marc Le Caillec and René Garello.
5. Time-frequency Representation of 2-D Signals, Stéphane Grassin and René Garello.
6. 2-D Wavelet Representation, Philippe Carré, Noël Richard and Christine Fernandez.

About the Authors

René Garello is a Professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne, Brest, France. He has been Head of the TIME Laboratory (Information Processing for the Ocean and the Environment) of the CNRS, France since January 2003. He is also an elected AdCom senior member of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society and has headed several committees related to IEEE conferences.


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