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Modeling in Food Microbiology

From Predictive Microbiology to Exposure Assessment

Edited by Jeanne-Marie Membré, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, Nantes, France Vasilis Valdramidis, University of Leuven, Belgium

ISBN: 9781785481550

Publication Date: January 2016   Hardback   102 pp.

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Predictive microbiology primarily deals with the quantitative assessment of microbial responses at a macroscopic or microscopic level, but also involves the estimation of how likely an individual or population is to be exposed to a microbial hazard.
This book provides an overview of the major literature in the area of predictive microbiology, with a special focus on food. The authors tackle issues related to modeling approaches and their applications in both microbial spoilage and safety.
Food spoilage is presented through applications of best-before-date determination and commercial sterility. Food safety is presented through applications of risk-based safety management. The different modeling aspects are introduced through probabilistic and stochastic approaches, including model and data uncertainty, but also biological variability.


1. Predictive Microbiology, Vasilis Valdramidis.
2. Quantifying Microbial Propagation, Enda Cummins.
3. Modeling Microbial Responses: Application to Food Spoilage, Jeanne-Marie Membré and Stéphane Dagnas.
4. Modeling Microbial Responses: Application to Food Safety, Maria Gougouli and Konstantinos Koutsoumanis.

About the Authors

Jeanne-Marie Membré is Senior Research Scientist at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research in Nantes, France. Her research focuses on aspects of preservation, safety, microbiology and engineering of food.
Vasilis Valdramidis is Senior Lecturer in Food Studies & Environmental Health at the University of Leuven in Belgium. His research interests include predictive microbiology and modeling and food safety and preservation using natural antimicrobials, non-thermal technologies and disinfection.


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