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E-Enabled Operations Management

Jean-Pierre Briffaut, Institut Mines-Télécom, France

ISBN: 9781848218406

Publication Date: July 2015   Hardback   290 pp.

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Although the theory of operations management has been presented in many textbooks published over the last two decades, the subject of e-enabled operations management is rather short on Iiterature which is easily accessible to students. The purpose of this book is to expound the subject at an "intermediate" level. By intermediate, it is assumed that students are not specialists in mathematics and statistics, but rather it is supposed they have a working knowledge of calculus, algebra, probability and statistics. The approach to operations management described in this book is unusual with respect to what is found in standard textbooks. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) impact the ways firms are organized and managed, and, as a consequence, change the practical means used to conduct business operations.
This book provides three main features. Firstly, it demonstrates a system approach to business modeling, and differs from most other textbooks by including operations costing as part of operations management. Secondly, it investigates the validity of models by taking apparently simple models and subjecting them to an in-depth analysis. Finally, it looks at logistics, procurement and quality management; three critical business functions which are crucial for the success of managing e-enabled supply chains.


Part 1. Modeling of Business Structures
1. System Approach to Business Operations and Information Engineering.
2. Business Modeling by Process and Management Applications.
3. Business Models: Control Models, Flow Models, Oranization Models, Function Models.
Part 2. Managerial Concepts and Software Packages Inperspective
4. From Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Concepts and the Associated Software Packages (PICS and COPICS of IBM to Erp-Labeled Packages).
5. Specific Features of ERP Packages.
Part 3. Beyond ERP Packages: The E-Enabled Enterprise
6. Change in Business Processes Induced by E-Commerce and E-Business.
7. Control Parameters for E-Enabled Supply Chain.
8. Integration of ERP Processes with E-Commerce and E-Business Patterns.
9. Roles OF Information Technologies for Making Business Models Flexible.
Part 4. Critical Business Functions for E-Enabled Operations Management
10. Logistics.
11. Sourcing And Physical Distribution.
12. Quantitative Quality.
13. Case Studies: Hellas Corporation and the E-Enabled Car Industry.

About the Authors

Jean-Pierre Briffaut is a retired professor of operations management at Institut Mines-Télécom, France, an associate research staff member at Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT), France, and a board member of Institut Frederik Bull (IFB), a think-tank dedicated to studying the various impacts of digitization upon society. His current field of research is virtual universes and collaborative business environments.


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